L.A County Fair

September 29, 2013

I don't like Cotton Candy but this was adorable.

Yes, I bought one.


one of my favorite performances

this guy was HILARIOUS. 

FYI, I don't know any of these people. 

I OWNED this.. (after the second try $$)


Like the procrastinator I am, I attended the L.A County Fair  on the last Saturday that it was in town. Now, this thing is acres of  games, food, performances and exhibits. My feet ache and my wallet doesn't know what hit which means it was tons of fun! Plus, I "won" (it took me two tries AKA $10) a humongous Despicable Me,Stuart, Minion.. so not too bad.

The Claw

September 26, 2013

Ordered this Disney/Pixar case last week. I had see it at the D23 Expo this summer and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Well, I forgot about it but a sweet gal (Lauren)  reminded me about it by tweeting me a link. I got it yesterday so I've had it on for about 24 hours. My initial thought was that it was going to be a dirt magnet and it would be cute for like a minute until it got annoying. I've found that to be quite the opposite. It's rubberized and oh so soft to the touch. I've noticed that bits of dirt (like from the wood) easily wipe off with your finger. I can say that it's the best case I've bought. By that I mean that it's worth it's price. You can feel the quality yet it was only $20 (minus tax & sh) while others I've purchased for double are just made from a hard case. So if you're considering it definitely go for it.

does blogger reduce image quality? or is it just my eyes? or my lack of skill?

Quadruple Threat

September 24, 2013

Four of my favorite things in one picture; my iPhone, coffee, cute coffee mugs and CAT(S).
This weekend I upgraded my iPhone 5 to the coveted iPhone 5S. I was one of those that repeated that I was not going to give in to the hoopla and found myself RUSHING to the Apple Store Saturday night thirty minutes before they closed. They told me they had one 64gb in black..err..I wanted white/silver. Well, I took it because I wanted it and was excited to even find one and tried to convince myself to settle for it and that it'd grow on me. It obviously didn't. I remembered the girl that helped me saying that they receive new shipment everyday except Sunday's. Come Monday I saw some people were even getting their hands on the gold model surely if they could find a gold one I could find a silver. I called my local Apple after seeing it available online and once they confirmed they had it I hauled ass!

So here I am. Finally all happy and ish. So moral of the story? Don't settle and love cats.

Canine Cuteness Overload

September 21, 2013

Last week my neighbor told me her, chihuahua,  Minnie (I love the Disney name) had had four puppies! I was a bit busy to visit during the week but headed over there today with my camera. They are half a week shy of being two weeks old. They don't really have their eyes open (in the pics they do because of the flash... sowwwy) yet and pretty much sleep all day. But they have that scrumptious puppy smell! -- after saying that I can only picture their birth--  There's two little ladies and two little fellas. All but one have been adopted.. and mom is getting spayed after they can start eating kibble.

San Bernardino National Forest

September 20, 2013

There were DOZENS of these apple trees just rotting away.

future iPhone wallpaper

Last Sunday I made my way to the titled location to test and play with my new Nikon D5200. These were the good images from about 50. lol.
 I definitely need more practice.