Quadruple Threat

Tuesday, September 24

Four of my favorite things in one picture; my iPhone, coffee, cute coffee mugs and CAT(S).
This weekend I upgraded my iPhone 5 to the coveted iPhone 5S. I was one of those that repeated that I was not going to give in to the hoopla and found myself RUSHING to the Apple Store Saturday night thirty minutes before they closed. They told me they had one 64gb in black..err..I wanted white/silver. Well, I took it because I wanted it and was excited to even find one and tried to convince myself to settle for it and that it'd grow on me. It obviously didn't. I remembered the girl that helped me saying that they receive new shipment everyday except Sunday's. Come Monday I saw some people were even getting their hands on the gold model surely if they could find a gold one I could find a silver. I called my local Apple after seeing it available online and once they confirmed they had it I hauled ass!

So here I am. Finally all happy and ish. So moral of the story? Don't settle and love cats.

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