The Claw

Thursday, September 26

Ordered this Disney/Pixar case last week. I had see it at the D23 Expo this summer and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Well, I forgot about it but a sweet gal (Lauren)  reminded me about it by tweeting me a link. I got it yesterday so I've had it on for about 24 hours. My initial thought was that it was going to be a dirt magnet and it would be cute for like a minute until it got annoying. I've found that to be quite the opposite. It's rubberized and oh so soft to the touch. I've noticed that bits of dirt (like from the wood) easily wipe off with your finger. I can say that it's the best case I've bought. By that I mean that it's worth it's price. You can feel the quality yet it was only $20 (minus tax & sh) while others I've purchased for double are just made from a hard case. So if you're considering it definitely go for it.

does blogger reduce image quality? or is it just my eyes? or my lack of skill?


  1. Head to a Disney Store so you don't have to deal with shipping fees and waiting.. but your daughter might want everything in the store and end up being more expensive.. lol

  2. I have been looking for is phone case everywhere and can't seem to find it anywhere... Do you know where I can purchase one today?