October 21, 2013

These pictures are from the Disneyland gardens. I've edited and cropped them to iPhone 5/5S size.

Both these links will go on the "links" tab as well. I'm unsure of the purpose of that tab (even though I created it) but in the meantime I'll post links to my wallpapers.

Single Rose Wallpaper (above) download.

Smaller Flowers Wallpaper download.


Disneyland Part Two

Disneyland Part One

There's no need for lengthy descriptions. It's Disneyland!!  If you notice in this post and the one above it, all the pictures are taken in the daytime. Simply put, my dang camera became a nuisance after the first hour. The camera bag, albeit a good one, was hours short of decapitating me *sarcasm* and the camera strap was it's accomplice. I put it away and just enjoyed the short lines! Pictures of the nighttime festivities to come in later, future, posts. Oh, I'm a proud Annual Pass Holder.. woot woot..

Now pictures!

A Little Blue

October 14, 2013

New case!.. What else is new right?

I've had this one in my wishlist since it was released but it has not so good reviews. I found myself at the Apple Store Friday since I needed my 5S swapped. I tried to get funny at dinner the previous day and some sauce spilled on top of it and ruined (it still worked but was stuck) the top lock button. Since  I was already there I decided to treat myself to this bad boy.

- It's really light.
- snug fit. feels great in your hands.
- microfiber lining inside. I have Zagg HD screen protectors so I don't worry about scratches on the back. but this is nice for those of you that don't.

-It needs to be babied. Set it on a clean surface,clean hands, no pockets.
-Signs of wear on the first day. one of the reviews summarized it as "needing a case for the case". pretty much.
- Price. It's worth no more than 30 dollars.

I own 67 iPhone cases. I change them often so it's not a deal breaker for me. If you're someone that has one case and it remains on the phone until your next upgrade then this is not the case for you.

 I didn't realize it was already dirty until I was editing the pictures. >.<

Pumpkin Patch

October 13, 2013

Last week I wanted to find myself in one of these orangey events. This weekend I made it to one and realized I'd just hyped it up in my head. Last year I went to a Pumpkin Farm. There were corn mazes and you got to pick your own pumpkin(s) like a peasant and that's what made it fun! I'm a big Yelper and my beloved farm had horrible reviews this year. According to the reviews it was ridiculously overpriced, like you could go to Disneyland with 3 children and still spend less. If you see the previous post I already purchased my pumpkins so it wasn't worth for me to pay an entry fee just to walk around. Anyway, I Yelped some more and found this wannabe pumpkin patch thingy. It had really good reviews. from parents. Long story short, it was lame. It was small. Really small. You could stand at the entrance and see all there is to see. It was 5 percent pumpkins and 95 percent kiddie stuff. After 10 minutes I left since I was starting to feel like a pedophile, all childless and just watching the children.

Here are the few pictures I took..  

This looked like so much fun though!

Hello October!

October 6, 2013

This weekend I wanted to be like 99% of the population and hit up a Pumpkin Patch, however, it had escaped me that I had a paper to write last minute. I worked on that the majority of the weekend but come Sunday I was going a bit stir crazy so I took a breather and found my way to Home Depot. I came out with three pumpkins and 3 Mr. Potato Head pumpkin push-ins sets.

The final product. This was just set up for the picture I brought all but one (Dracula) back inside since the instructions specified for indoor use only.  On Halloween I'm bringing all decorations back inside since I'm never home to do the candy thing and if I were I still wouldn't. dogs barking every two minutes and beating you to the door... No thanks.

After the pumpkin workout (it only looks easy and fun.. ) I was still seeking adventure and like the thrill seeker I am I decided to check out one of the many used/local bookstores on my list. It's located in this cozy feeling shopping center. The koi pond and fountains were my favorite! Oh, and the bookstore closed like five minutes after I got there. -.-

dinner (CPK) and a movie.. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2


If you've seen the movie you most likely want one of these too..

Hope everyone had a great weekend and yay *sarcasm* for Monday!

pictures taken with iPhone 5s.