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October 14, 2013

New case!.. What else is new right?

I've had this one in my wishlist since it was released but it has not so good reviews. I found myself at the Apple Store Friday since I needed my 5S swapped. I tried to get funny at dinner the previous day and some sauce spilled on top of it and ruined (it still worked but was stuck) the top lock button. Since  I was already there I decided to treat myself to this bad boy.

- It's really light.
- snug fit. feels great in your hands.
- microfiber lining inside. I have Zagg HD screen protectors so I don't worry about scratches on the back. but this is nice for those of you that don't.

-It needs to be babied. Set it on a clean surface,clean hands, no pockets.
-Signs of wear on the first day. one of the reviews summarized it as "needing a case for the case". pretty much.
- Price. It's worth no more than 30 dollars.

I own 67 iPhone cases. I change them often so it's not a deal breaker for me. If you're someone that has one case and it remains on the phone until your next upgrade then this is not the case for you.

 I didn't realize it was already dirty until I was editing the pictures. >.<

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