Hello October!

October 6, 2013

This weekend I wanted to be like 99% of the population and hit up a Pumpkin Patch, however, it had escaped me that I had a paper to write last minute. I worked on that the majority of the weekend but come Sunday I was going a bit stir crazy so I took a breather and found my way to Home Depot. I came out with three pumpkins and 3 Mr. Potato Head pumpkin push-ins sets.

The final product. This was just set up for the picture I brought all but one (Dracula) back inside since the instructions specified for indoor use only.  On Halloween I'm bringing all decorations back inside since I'm never home to do the candy thing and if I were I still wouldn't. dogs barking every two minutes and beating you to the door... No thanks.

After the pumpkin workout (it only looks easy and fun.. ) I was still seeking adventure and like the thrill seeker I am I decided to check out one of the many used/local bookstores on my list. It's located in this cozy feeling shopping center. The koi pond and fountains were my favorite! Oh, and the bookstore closed like five minutes after I got there. -.-

dinner (CPK) and a movie.. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2


If you've seen the movie you most likely want one of these too..

Hope everyone had a great weekend and yay *sarcasm* for Monday!

pictures taken with iPhone 5s.


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