Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 13

Last week I wanted to find myself in one of these orangey events. This weekend I made it to one and realized I'd just hyped it up in my head. Last year I went to a Pumpkin Farm. There were corn mazes and you got to pick your own pumpkin(s) like a peasant and that's what made it fun! I'm a big Yelper and my beloved farm had horrible reviews this year. According to the reviews it was ridiculously overpriced, like you could go to Disneyland with 3 children and still spend less. If you see the previous post I already purchased my pumpkins so it wasn't worth for me to pay an entry fee just to walk around. Anyway, I Yelped some more and found this wannabe pumpkin patch thingy. It had really good reviews. from parents. Long story short, it was lame. It was small. Really small. You could stand at the entrance and see all there is to see. It was 5 percent pumpkins and 95 percent kiddie stuff. After 10 minutes I left since I was starting to feel like a pedophile, all childless and just watching the children.

Here are the few pictures I took..  

This looked like so much fun though!

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