Tuesday, November 26

Here's three wallpapers, sized for the iPhone 5/5S/5C, from my two previous posts.

from left to right

These pictures are taken by me so please give credit if you use them. thanks.

Take Two.

On my second post on this here blog of mine I wrote about going to San Bernardino National Forest to test my Nikon and only got three shots out of the whole trip.. ^_^
Well, the Sunday before last I headed up there again and had better results. I'm not very comfortable with the DSLR, especially since my 5S is so light and makes it easier, but I'm working on it. Practice makes perfect, right?! There's a For Dummies companion book for my camera.. In my office... I'm sure that if I opened it up I'd get a lot more use out of it. Anyway, this day was very foggy and cold.. say what California?! My favorite part was the sunset though. The sky was saturated with purples, yellows and oranges.. It looked like editing on an iPhone App taken overboard but it was naturally like that!


The weekend before last I headed to Newport Beach as a last minute plan. I was overwhelmed with a research paper,due soon, and figured a cheesy beach walk would help. and it did. It was 30 minutes until sunset and it was oh so cold but the surfers didn't seem to mind.

Obsession #1

Friday, November 22

A while back I was a huge fan of a certain Sanrio feline. Now, she's still cute and all but it's just been overdone! Every single "girly" iPhone wallpaper it's some sort of Hello Kitty thing. Hello Kitty on chevron, on leopard.. on leopard with chevron. No offense to anyone but there's more to cute and girly than just slapping Hello Kitty on it. In my opinion. Now, Tokidoki is a similar yet different thing to me. It's a "limited edition" (that's how they get us!) collection and all the characters are just adorable! And I see it around less than the above mentioned feline. 

You can purchase it online here or in store. I purchased mine in store since I didn't want to pay a third of the price in shipping.
I have had it for less than a day and I'm already aware that this isn't a forever case. It's very light and thin. It's plastic, which means that scratches will be obvious sooner rather than later. Keep that in mind if you decide to purchase it.

This little kitten was purchased last week and Kate Spade shipping takes so long that I forgot about it. Maybe Amazon Prime has spoiled me with their super duper fast blink of an eye shipping.. This case is $45 on their site. That was a little too much for me since the front (look at the website pictures) could be a hit or miss. I found an Ebates coupon code for 25% full price items so I jumped on it.

 The code is 4NOVAFF25 and is good until the 26th of November.

Initial impression: It's very much worth it's price. Like everything else, you get what you pay for. It's a very thick silicone and it feels great in your hands without it being slippery or heavy.

It's been raining in Southern California the last few days, that's like snow for us, so I've been busy (and a wee bit lazy) and haven't had too much time to edit pictures and blog. I have beach and mountain pictures from last weekend to post. I'll get it sometime in the next few days.. Tonight?.. The odds shall be in my favor..

Happy Friday All.


Saturday, November 16

Soy Winterdream Latte whilst I waited. 

First of all, I'm not a big Christmas person. Now, I'm no Scrooge but I find it to be more for children than anything. Maybe because there's not a single child in my immediate family. Around that time I still put up a tree and decorations. Probably because it's expected of you like putting pants on when you go outside.

On Instagram I follow a local shopping center and I saw a post of theirs with a picture "challenge" during their tree lighting event. Being the big Instagrammer that I am I saw it as a perfect opportunity to toot my own horn..TOOT TOOT

The unexpected part was how much fun I had! My favorite part was the five minute fireworks show. They had a choir singing a couple of Christmas songs before the actual lighting of the tree and Santa's arrival. I enjoyed it so much I will probably do it again next year.

Pics are eh since they are video screen captures.

Week through Instagram #1

Sunday, November 10

I've been thinking of different things to add to this here blog of mine and one thing that I saw a couple of my favorite bloggers do is a "Favorite Friday" thing. One of them had it set up in a collage like the one above and it made me think of Instagram pictures and well here's this. I'm unsure if it'll work out for me but lets try it out!

Now, back to the pictures, there's a post below this one with pretty pics of the iPad Air and all I have to say is Hellooo Retina! 

Trying desperately to catch up to seven of my magazine subscriptions (currently reading Septemeber issues) I know, I know no one needs this many but they were $5-$10 for a year and is a great deal when each issues is $4.. is this girl logic?

Nail time! I just bought a couple of the Essie Winter 2013 blues. (pictured: Essie No Chips Ahead, Seche Vite and CND base coat)

Starbucks, on the longest day of the week for me, Wednesday. I'm in school until 9PM. >.<

I follow so many amazing bloggers and I'm quite inspired by their food photos and I want to venture into.. But let's start with something simple.. cereal!

If you haven't read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green what are you waiting for?!! It's an amazing, tear jerker of a book but a must read. John Green changes you!

... I love cats.

iPhone cases. Seen these ones online for sometime now and had them in my eBay cart for a while. Finally took the plunge when I saw two, pink and teal, for $5.89 from California. They're slim and cute without taking it overboard and without adding much weight to the phone.

It was my pup Andy's first birthday! I call him AndyBear (makes his name less human, there's some sentimental crap as to why the name FYI) At the doggy barkery where I picked up his cake and treats that teddy caught my eye and it was a perfect gift for him.

Lastly, I went to watch Thor: The Dark World 

.. & the movie theater I went to is right in-front of my favorite cupcake place so i had grab one right before the movie. They, unlike me, are ready for Christmas!

I found these in my yard and thought they'd make a good wallpaper..

iPad Air

Saturday, November 2

I originally wanted to wait for the Retina iPad Mini but had a change of heart. I felt that going for the Retina Mini meant paying twice for something Apple should have done right the first time. The Air is a brand new device and I feel less ripped off. Now, this isn't a review about it because A) There's a million and one out there from professionals B) It'd would just be "loook how shiny!!" C) Reviews don't really help (IMO) until you have one in your hands and try it for a couple of days....
 I  wanted the Smart Cover for it but Best Buy didn't have any in stock in any of the stores around my area. So I settled for this Modal Folio Case from Best Buy. It seems like a generic version of Apple's Smart Cover but it turns out it's much better. The back and sides are completely covered and it's washable.