iPad Air

Saturday, November 2

I originally wanted to wait for the Retina iPad Mini but had a change of heart. I felt that going for the Retina Mini meant paying twice for something Apple should have done right the first time. The Air is a brand new device and I feel less ripped off. Now, this isn't a review about it because A) There's a million and one out there from professionals B) It'd would just be "loook how shiny!!" C) Reviews don't really help (IMO) until you have one in your hands and try it for a couple of days....
 I  wanted the Smart Cover for it but Best Buy didn't have any in stock in any of the stores around my area. So I settled for this Modal Folio Case from Best Buy. It seems like a generic version of Apple's Smart Cover but it turns out it's much better. The back and sides are completely covered and it's washable.

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