Obsession #1

November 22, 2013

A while back I was a huge fan of a certain Sanrio feline. Now, she's still cute and all but it's just been overdone! Every single "girly" iPhone wallpaper it's some sort of Hello Kitty thing. Hello Kitty on chevron, on leopard.. on leopard with chevron. No offense to anyone but there's more to cute and girly than just slapping Hello Kitty on it. In my opinion. Now, Tokidoki is a similar yet different thing to me. It's a "limited edition" (that's how they get us!) collection and all the characters are just adorable! And I see it around less than the above mentioned feline. 

You can purchase it online here or in store. I purchased mine in store since I didn't want to pay a third of the price in shipping.
I have had it for less than a day and I'm already aware that this isn't a forever case. It's very light and thin. It's plastic, which means that scratches will be obvious sooner rather than later. Keep that in mind if you decide to purchase it.

This little kitten was purchased last week and Kate Spade shipping takes so long that I forgot about it. Maybe Amazon Prime has spoiled me with their super duper fast blink of an eye shipping.. This case is $45 on their site. That was a little too much for me since the front (look at the website pictures) could be a hit or miss. I found an Ebates coupon code for 25% full price items so I jumped on it.

 The code is 4NOVAFF25 and is good until the 26th of November.

Initial impression: It's very much worth it's price. Like everything else, you get what you pay for. It's a very thick silicone and it feels great in your hands without it being slippery or heavy.

It's been raining in Southern California the last few days, that's like snow for us, so I've been busy (and a wee bit lazy) and haven't had too much time to edit pictures and blog. I have beach and mountain pictures from last weekend to post. I'll get it sometime in the next few days.. Tonight?.. The odds shall be in my favor..

Happy Friday All.

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