December 31, 2014

The last day of the year seems like the perfect time to finish this NYC trip trio of posts. It's more procrastination than anything else but it goes well, doesn't it?  ^_~  Looking back and editing the pictures I was glad I took so many! As months go by new memories make a home in your brain and (sort of) push back older ones. It's nice to have so many pictures to refresh your memory!

Our day started with breakfast in Brooklyn at this wonder cafe.

The main reason my best friend and I went on a last minute trip to NYC.. The Friends Cafe! (officially, Central Perk Cafe lol) Yes, we're that big of fans! We used to rush homework and chores, in Middle School and High School, every Thursday night to watch it together. We had to!

The line, at 10am, was around the block. Yikes!

For some reason I pictured it like an actual coffee house. It was more like a museum and you walk in line, view some items from the actual show, pictures, get your free coffee, take your picture and GET OUT! Oh, you can step to the side for the ridiculous 'shop'. (nothing was in stock. on the fourth day!) 

  So no one told you life was going to be this way...

Overpriced? .. Definitely.  Worth it?.. Absolutely not.  Am I glad I got it?.. You bet your a. 

Since we were in a Friends kind of morning I decided to look for the actual apartment pictured on the show. Me: it seems close, lets walk there. It was not close! but can't you hear the theme song play in the background as you look at that picture?... Yes, I'm obsessed. 

Lunch was had and it was still fairly early. Central Park it was. We didn't go miles in.. barely two. lol But it was starting to get really cold and dark. We bought some pretzels from one of the many vendors and I can honestly say I've never put anything more disgusting in my mouth. #twss I tossed the thing after a bite. That aside, it was so soothing to just see and hear all the runners, the leaves rustling, the singers that are at the entrance. So calming in the middle of such busy streets! 

The next afternoon, we had a flight to catch. We filled our morning with the last tourist destination on our list: Statue of Liberty.  When I purchased our tickets they said to be there early and before our departure time. Ours was at 8am so we went through all the security checks and were on the almost empty ferry. I guess they don't take off until it's full (which makes sense) but because we thought it took off at 8 sharp, we were there sitting on a rocking ferry for an hour. Guess what that caused? Yep, motion sickness. I seriously was so nauseated! I couldn't wait to get off the ferry because there was no way I was using those bathrooms and I also wanted to avoid puking on the lady in front of me. We went through the self guided tour but I was not really into it because I was so sick. So next time I visit NYC I'm doing this again and taking some motion sickness pills! and getting there later than the ticket says.

It was an amazing trip in a beautiful city. There aren't enough vacation days to see it all. I hope you guys enjoyed these posts, pictures and wallpapers. 

The above picture is made into a wallpaper for iPad and iPhone 6

Happy and safe New Year, may it be everything you want it to be. ❤︎


December 26, 2014

It's so exciting to get a new planner. The possibilities!! Now, I had previously purchased this Kikki.K Lilac planner as my 2015 planner but I found an issue with the agenda feel. I'm left handed and the rings got in my way and the only way to write something legibly was to pull out each individual page, every.single.time. No thanks! In my search for something else I considered the ever-so-popular Erin Condren but I remembered my dislikes. If you're paying that much you must be 100% satisfied. Me thinks. The things I didn't like about the Erin Condren were; the pouch in the back and the small squares in the weekly view. In my search I came across a couple of YouTube videos and retweets for pre-orders for these new planners by InkWellPress. I didn't want to pre-order something I had seen no reviews or non-stock pictures of. You know? I waited and stalked their Twitter mentions and Instagram tagged pictures and I fell in love! I loved the idea of two different layouts, I mean, we all have different needs for it and they seem to get that. I got a referral code (I'll provide one at the end of this post) and decided to go for it with a little more confidence. They had this wood chevron cover that sold out a night before I placed my order. I was sort of bummed by it because it was my first choice. I'm so happy it was (sold out), I like this "Mitered Stripe" one so much better. It looks so clean and classy. Everything I wanted my planner to be.

When you first open it you're greeted by a year calendar of 2015 and a page for your missions and goals.  As well as two side by side pages for important dates, birthdays and anniversaries.

Two page monthly view before a two page weekly view. I really like the sidebar for your Notes. But one of my favorite things about these planners are the soft colors. Nothing offensive to the eye and still not boring.

The one thing that really sold me and I saw on no other planner is the mission board (after the monthly view and before the weekly view). I love the honeycomb look and the idea of being able to break down bigger goals into baby steps every month.

Notes and ramblings.. I'm thinking of using this to quickly jot down thoughts and mini-reviews on books that I read.

Weekly view: The thing that stands out on these pages is the area to track your fitness, meals and stuff  to do at home. Love that. Again, not something common in other planners.. But you don't have to use it just for that, obviously. I did see someone use it for the daily weather..

Towards the back there's this folder and an actual pocket built into the back cover. There's graph paper for notes. A "Let's Go Anywhere" section where you document your trips, flights and all that jazz. There's a gift list area.. Movies and books to keep a record of.

That's all the pictures I was able to use.. My camera's (user error, I'm sure)  settings weren't cooperating and it was very dark and gloomy outside my office. So I encourage you to check out some YouTube videos or go to the InkWELL page for an actual review and better pictures. ^_^

I want to make note of the fact that even after your order has been shipped, InkWELL still emails you with helpful videos and tips on how to customize and get familiarized with the planner. Which I found helpful.

Now if you want to order one you can use my referral link which will provide you with 20% off of your order.

Happy planning and hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. If I planned correctly (ha!) there should be another post before the end of the year. See you then! ❤︎

December Cal

Wall Haul #1

November 22, 2014

75 wallpapers for iPhone 6.

* found from various sources online.

Rifle Paper Co

November 17, 2014

Hi guys! Long time no-blog. Life's been a tad busier than I anticipated so I've been short of free time, lately. I know I still have to post my NYC PT 3 post but knowing I have two-hundred (of just that day) pictures to sift through and edit (which takes a looong time!) means I need a huge chunk of time free and like I mentioned, I don't have tons of those right now. I could edit in batches but I lose my momentum like that and I end up not happy with them. But it's coming! Also, this week, there's a wallpaper haul to be shared!

Back to the picture.

I saw this Clear Rosa, from Rifle Paper Co, available for the iPhone 5s a couple of weeks before I upgraded to the iPhone 6. As much as I liked it, I knew it'd be a waste of money to get it. So... I (not-so) patiently waited for them to release their collection for iPhone 6.  
Two weeks ago I saw pre-orders available and saying they'd start shipping mid November. I went for it and last Friday I got a shipping confirmation and today (Monday) I got it in my hands! It was not packed in a box like the others I've ordered from them but it included a note that explained their boxes are not ready and they understand people want their cases ASAP (we do!) and they rather ship them sans than make people wait. And a 15% code for a future purchase. I'll take it. Who cares about the box?

Anyway, it's beautiful and  it compliments the gold of my iPhone (which looks way better than the yellow 5s).  It's clear all around and it's a teeny-tiny bit raised in the front for those of you that set your phone screen down. 


In Pink

November 3, 2014

Last Friday I ordered the Coral Blue Elago Slimfit case. I received it Sunday (yesterday), I didn't even know there were Sunday deliveries, so it's a welcomed surprise! It's a great fit, just like the champagne one, the only difference is this one is a shiny and extra glossy instead of matte. I'm thinking extra fingerprints and scratches? We'll see within a couple of weeks.

At this point you all know I photograph every flower that comes into my house, and these are no exception. The make the prettiest pink gradient. 

Of course, there are wallpapers... 

sized for rMBP, iPad and iPhone 6


November 1, 2014

Day two of our NYC trip was spent exploring everything Brooklyn.

 It was an overcast day, which we loved because we do not have those here in Southern California.

I extensively Yelped and Googled for places to eat. Which led me to the number one spot in Brooklyn: Grimaldi's. My friend posted something on her Facebook which led someone to reply with "You must go to Grimaldi's". So we HAD to!

The reviews did not disappoint! There was a 5-10 minute line but it wasn't that bad. The pizza was delicious! I had a plain veggie one and it was one of the best pizzas I've had. Plus, the manager (?) gave us great service because he kept coming by to check out my iPhone 6 Plus (which I've now exchanged for a 6). Since the phone was released two days prior I got a lot of "can I see your phone" or "Ohh look __". .. and no you can't because I'm a tourist and it's easy to run away because I'm lost as is.

Our view from Brooklyn Bridge Park. We walked around and took in the view.❤︎

A ride into the city.

Made it to The Empire State Building to watch the sunset over the city from the top. Just WOW!

After this we were freezing and starving. We walked for blocks (and blocks!) and finally found food! One would assume we were starved for weeks as a part of a scientific experiment or something. We're not used to walking so much to "earn" our food lol.. I had a veggie bowl and it was the most delicious thing in the world. I'm sure it was my hunger fooling me. lol 
Overall it was an amazing second day!

I've resized a couple of these images to fit the iPhone 6. I've zipped them up for you guys. 

Friday Goodies

October 31, 2014

Next month's (tomorrow) calendar wallpaper is here! 

Pictured is the case I've been using, the Elago Slimfit2 Case in Champagne Gold. I've used Elago cases on my devices, going as far as my first iPhone, the 4. They're of great quality and an even better price tag. The 6/6 Plus models are their best. They add no weight to the phone and have a soft, matte, feel to it. Now the Creamy Yellow (sounds gross lol) and the Coral Blue are on my wishlist! ^_~

New York City • 1

October 24, 2014

Last month, my best friend and I explored New York City for four wonderful days! I had texted her one day at 5am if she would go check out the Friends Café that would be opening up in SoHo (to commemorate the show's premier 20 years ago). It was a show we would religiously watch all throughout Middle School and High School and it quickly became our favorite show. WE HAD TO!
There'll be more on that in PT 2.

We  were going to do certain things on certain days... it didn't quite go according to plan but we still hit every major attraction and filled our bellies with all the deliciousness planned.

Our first entire day was a red bus sightseeing tour. It gave us a feel for the streets, numbering and ideas for dinner (pizza, obviously, but no complaints!) and shopping.


All these, with the exception of one, are with the iPhone 6 Plus.

A Broadway musical wasn't in the plans of the first day but since we were already in that part of the city, we decided to catch a showing of Matilda. I burned through two VHS tapes of the movie when I was in Elementary (always a favorite) so I was a little excited! 

We were sitting next to a 10 year old brat who kept shouting boobies and butting into our conversation and had to switch seats a third of the way in. Even with that annoyance, we had a great time. It was truly funny, not that TV shows made for toddlers funny,  and the  actor (yes, a dude) that plays The Trunchbull is phenomenal! 

Last picture of that night.. Walking away from the center of it all because the Uber rates on a Saturday night in the city are 5X more than normal rates. Yikes! 

We used Uber multiple times a day during our trip and can honestly say the drivers were so friendly and nice. We did have some axxhole who shouldn't be a driver but for the most part, definitely a service I'd use again.

PT 2 & 3 next week! XX

Friday Goodies

October 17, 2014

I had planned to post part one of my NYC trip/pictures sometime this week but I've yet to finish choosing, editing and resizing all the pictures. I took about 400 in with camera and 300 with iPhone.. In the meantime I bring a wallpaper from a picture I took at Disneyland earlier this year. I'm sure I have already posted it but I re-edited for my iPhone and liked it enough for my rMBP.

Apps (non-stock) on my dock:
               Fantastical  (status)

I'm also working on a wallpaper haul (iPhone 6) for sometime next week.  

•Wallpaper is a large size so it'll fit most devices•

Friday Goodies

October 3, 2014

It's the beginning of everyone's favorite month! What better way to celebrate than with a calendar wallpaper. This is the first time I do something like this but it may become a monthly thing. We'll see next month.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Saturday Tote

October 1, 2014

Earlier this year I added this tote, From Kate Spade Saturday, to my wish list. I liked it enough but not enough to pay full price. You know?

I was browsing their website (I'm looking for a bigger bag which I can fit my camera in) and saw a 20% off of many of their items. I saw this tote and remembered my crush on it and since it was on sale... I went for it!

Now, the strap is much too small and is there for decorative purposes, I'm sure, and it's basically a tote. The iPhone 6 doesn't fit all the way in without a case but it's okay,  I wouldn't put my phone there anyway!

It fits a lot which is great since I wanted something bigger. ❤︎