Weekend Activities.

Tuesday, January 28

This past weekend was a laid back one. I had a wonderful four days in San Francisco prior so I wasn't looking to do something major. It was my typical outing. There was dinner and a movie and a little retail therapy. Not too shabby!

The morning was spent running errands... Later in the afternoon I found myself in a nearby shopping center (Irvine Spectrum). I went to Barnes and Noble and purchased issue 56 of Frankie Magazine and that was about it. I bought a dozen books while in San Francisco and definitely didn't need anymore. My to-read list is miles long and I've yet to dent it, shame on me, it's been a slow month for reading.

Dinner was had at California Pizza Kitchen, I had their Quinoa + Arugula Salad (low lighting didn't make for an apetizing picture) and their Five Cheese and fresh tomato pizza. Absolutely no complaints everything was delicious. I have this new thing where I MUST have dessert after meals.. be it granola with honey, fruit, ice cream just something sweet.. and I was needing my fix, my luck, the CPK has a Casey's Cupcakes in-front so I went in and scarfed down a scrumptious Red Velvet cupcake. If you didn't know, these are my absolute favorite cupcakes they're better than Sprinkles in my opinion.

Anthropologie was next. I love that store! It's one of my favorites their clothes are just so soft and have that worn in feel. A little expensive but good quality stuff typically is and they have a big clearance selection so you're bound to find something affordable. I liked this sweater from their website but I didn't see it in store. But I did see these purrfect cups!.. I resisted though..

Lunch at a Mexican place called El Pescador (I think). There was a forty minute wait so it must be good, right? I didn't take any picture's inside but I took a picture of the pretty fountain while we waited..

I had packed my camera in my tote (I'm still using the Everlane tote!) but it was looking gloomy. I knew there'd be nothing to take pictures of if it rained. Camera not being waterproof and all..Made our way over to this private (aka, you pay to get in..) park.. trails, small beach, picnic areas.. miles long so I guess it's worth it if you make a day of it).. Fed some ducks for a while and took the following pictures with my Nikon.. There were so many and I totally want one now! JK. sort of..  It was extremely relaxing and beautiful.. it'd been a bit more enjoyable had I brought a sweater..  I was effing freezing!

The pictures previous and after the ducks are with my iPhone 5S

I then headed to another open-air mall. I had no plans really but I had shaved my legs and put on my face..  I wanted to take full advantage of it.. I walked into the Apple Store and was checking out the cases when these pink earphones got my attention! I put back the Kate Spade Polka Dot case I was planning on buying and got these urBeats instead. I never really cared to upgrade from the EarPods that come with the iPhone and, yes, they've been a source of pain and discomfort but I bought these Nike ones made for runners and they completely sucked (too big for my ears, broke, and the sound was not great, at least not for the price) so I decided to stick with the Apple ones 'cause if it ain't broke... But I love the tangle free chord in these the sound is superb and significantly better than Apple's EarPods. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Pinkberry because I needed* something sweet and granola with honey and blueberries is my latest obsession, I have it multiple times a day.

Lastly, the night ended with American Hustle. I've been meaning to watch it ever since it came out but I got distracted with my San Francisco vacation...
The movie stars Amy Adams, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. It's based on an a 1978 FBI case where they FBI collaborated with a convicted con-man in order to trap public officials into taking bribes on camera. It's very entertaining and it's a combination of thriller, drama, comedy.  A must see.. Plus, Jennifer Lawrence is in it 'nuff said. And who doesn't feel this way about her.

It was a pretty good weekend wouldn't you say?

I have nearly 500 pictures of my vacation to go through and edit hence why no San Francisco post yet.. It seems I'll have to divide it into two posts as well.. but I'm working on that and those posts are coming later this week! 

Weekend Activities.

Tuesday, January 14

All pictures on this blog are edited and taken by me. If that wasn't obvious. 

This weekend was sort of boring and a bit stressful. I'm planning a weekend getaway but it's, like I said, stressful. The funny thing is, so much planning to go 'relax' but not really since your stress levels will return to 'normal' AKA before said trip was planned. Does anybody else see it like this or is it just my negative thinking? 

On Friday, Dinner was had at Lucille's BBQ . I, obviously, stick to the side dishes and most restaurant nowadays have a selection of Vegetarian options. If they don't I just ask for something without meat, por favor. It was late and didn't want to be up all night so I had a couple of sides but my true love whenever I go here is their delicious Apple Butter and biscuits.
I'm getting ahead of myself, before the food was Her. It was such a good movie. The fact that it makes it seem perfectly plausible to fall in love with an Operating System speaks of our obsession with technology. This movie is an example of where our society is headed. To a future with very limited human interaction. Who else is cool with that?  It's 'romance' but it has it's funny parts. Just a great film all around and a great cast. 
Joaquin Phoenix is the first person in the world  who doesn't look demonic with colored contacts. No one else. So throw them away people.

Sunday was a "test" picture day. I had beautiful flowers so of course I had photograph to their beauty. 

I want to take non-blurry phone pictures of my pets and this was me testing it out before the day. They will all get groomed, bathed and all that jazz. This was just a test to see how many treats where needed for them to stay still.. (i lost count)
 But isn't he adorable?.. It's almost cute enough to let me forget that this is a a dog on a natural high! He's super hyper and there's no such thing as sleeping in, ever. But I love him so..

Sunday afternoon I took my baby brother (only sibling, actually) to dinner and a movie. We had El Torito and, of course, he kept embarrassing me by ordering the messiest food: wings. He proceeded to eat them like a gorilla and simultaneously hit on the waitress. ah.. little brothers! The sick part is that she thought we were together.. As if, I can do so much better.. I ordered two deep fried Ice Creams and she brought out one with two spoons.. If it wasn't her thinking I'm a cougar it was her suggesting I stop being a porker.. Pssh, no way!

Dinner was followed by Lone Survivor. I'm so unpredictable.
This movie just gives you chills the whole time you're watching it. The action scenes were so realistic it felt like your bones were breaking! 
 Politics aside, it's just a film that captures the bond between those who serve. I've seen reviews go off in rant about the military involvement in Afghanistan, how it's a propaganda for the military, how it didn't stick to the real facts, how it seems like a violent video game.. blah blah blah. 
To me, the full impact comes at the end of the film. When you see the actual pictures of Lutrell, his comrades, and the sixteen others who died trying to save them. Seeing their faces and how much was lost shakes you. All these people died in the line of duty and that's the fact. This film is about their bond and the love for their country. It's a must see.


Thursday, January 9

Newest addition to my iPhone case collection...

This case by Adopted was featured on Glamour magazine last month I, believe, the one they featured was the Regatta Blue one and that's the one I initially wanted but it was sold out. -_-
I gave it a few weeks and nothing! Eventually I decided to go with my second choice, the Ember Orange. As of right now their site shows it as out of stock.

It's sturdy and very protective. The quilted design  and color makes it stand out. Adopted claims their silicone is stain-resistant so we'll look out for that.. Even though it's a metal frame it's still very light and quite comfortable to hold.


 This isn't really a What's in My bag (but it turns into it) post it's more of a I got a new tote post.

The above bag is the one that I was using. It's the Classic Q Natasha by Marc Jacobs. I don't have a single bad thing to say about this bag, It's not ridiculously small like some, I was able to fit all the stuff  from the pictures below, minus the planner, and still have plenty of room.. I need all the colors

To be honest, I don't really carry my Erin Condren Life Planner with me. When classes are in session it's really a must for me but I carry it in my backpack. Otherwise during school breaks my life is ridiculously boring. The Kindle is pretty self explanatory.. for porn.. The sleeve on it is from Belkin.

Aviators, I got my first pair when I was 15 but they broke last year.. When I went to purchase these the fella working at SunglassHut  said that if you take your broken pair to them they'll give you 50% off your new pair... I had already thrown them away.. sigh..
The Hello Kitty bow mirror is from Sephora and a travel size lotion from Bath and Body Works.

Wallet is the Robinson Zip Continental from Tory Burch and the Card Case as well. Dior lip balm. Carmex. Lens wipes for my phone, glasses, sunglasses, camera... when I don't have any Purell on hand. 
And a headband.. midday it gives me a headache so I take it of and shove it in my bag.

Phone. Pens. Earphones. Small pouch (thanks Megan!) with smaller items I don't want loose. Eye drops, Eye drops for contacts, bobby pins, more lip balm, painkillers and other crap.

This is the tote I purchased from Everlane. It's their Reverse-Denim Tote. I had this one on my wishlist for a long time and when I finally decided to get it, right before the holidays, it was sold out! You never want anything more than when you find out it's sold out. I signed up to get notified when it was back in stock and ordered right away. like from my phone, like at two AM.. Shipping was quick and their packaging is superb. I own a couple of their Tee's and knew to expect greatness.

This tote is a little big for my day to day activities and will use the Natasha bag for that but it's perfect for long weekends, Disneyland, trips to the beach, basically trips where you carry a little more than usual.


I haven't used it long enough to have a review of sorts but my only worry, thus far, is how long it'll be before it shows signs of wear. Color wise it's really light and feels like a giant napkin.. We will see. I have a trip out of town soon and I'll be taking it with, will share pictures of it ... then.

Hooked: Documentaries.

Saturday, January 4

The last few weeks I've been doing my best to skip TV Shows on Netflix. They're great and all and having six seasons to watch back to back is amazing but I'm not a big fan of that 'feeling' afterwards. Getting back to reality and regular scheduled programming sucks!

I go to the movies A LOT. --If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know that-- With that being said, what Netflix pushes as "New Arrivals" I've seen a long time ago. Which leaves only TV Shows or 90's movies. Enter newest obsession; documentaries on Netflix.

While I was on bed rest I gave in and watched Blackfish. I put it off because it seemed too depressing to watch during Christmas week but I was sick so that jolly feeling was long gone... I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of it so I'll skip the synopsis but it's just what you expect. Extremely upsetting! It's something that's been going on for years and just not with Killer Whales, it's with all animals in captivity forced to perform. It's aggressive but it gets people talking and hopefully avoiding Sea World.

 Downfall and Anne Frank aren't documentaries but they're recreations of real events so it counts for this post.

None of these films are relatable or hit home for me. Thank you God. Precisely because of that I'm drawn in. We are all aware that there's suffering 'out there' but once you put faces to it makes you feel guilty about the stupid crap you whine and complain about. They make you a little more grateful. Everyone should watch these, I couldn't recommend them enough.

Next on my list:


Thursday, January 2

The Holidays have come and gone and this Scrooge couldn't be happier about it. All it was for me, this year, was stress and illness. Winter is the season where germs thrive but I sort of hoped they'd skip me this once. 
Christmas Eve came and FedEx had accidentally mailed two of my biggest, overnight-ed, gifts who knows where. Once found, they were to be delivered by the 27th instead. Perfect. On top of that I had a fever I couldn't shake off thanks to a Respiratory Tract Infection and my Doctor suggested bed rest for 3 days or a Hospital visit. Sigh. All is well though and feeling great and lazy, so everything's back to normal.

Now, New Years my Mother surprised me by gifting me a ring of her's I play with when I visit her. Side Note: She gifted me the matching earrings for Christmas. My Mother has this thing where she also gifts on New Year's Eve... A bit weird, maybe, but who am I to deny her the gift of giving? ^_~

Besides running errands, I'd been stuck indoors the last two weeks. I was going crazy and was considering rescuing more cats. So to the beach I went! There's nothing more relaxing. Just listening to the waves crashing and having no care in the world. and instagramming.

Also, there was a twenty dollar parking fee for this particular beach. WTF? It's Winter!

I love anything and everything Disney. After the beach to the theater I went. This particular movie, for me, was like snooping into something I love. Disney. How these movies we've all come to love and annoyingly quote and sing were made. The back story. Saving Mr. Banks is about Mary Poppins and how Walt Disney worked for decades to get the author, P.L. Travers, to allow him to bring her beloved books to the big screen. No spoilers here but it was simply, amazing. A must. If you do go, take your tissues and don't wear mascara ladies!

I had a very relaxing New Years but thoroughly loved it.

 I can't ever complain about my life. I'm very blessed and alive so to me is just about making each day count in 2014. No resolutions, if you really want something any one day is the perfect time to make it happen. 

Hope everyone has a bitchin' 2014.