January 2, 2014

The Holidays have come and gone and this Scrooge couldn't be happier about it. All it was for me, this year, was stress and illness. Winter is the season where germs thrive but I sort of hoped they'd skip me this once. 
Christmas Eve came and FedEx had accidentally mailed two of my biggest, overnight-ed, gifts who knows where. Once found, they were to be delivered by the 27th instead. Perfect. On top of that I had a fever I couldn't shake off thanks to a Respiratory Tract Infection and my Doctor suggested bed rest for 3 days or a Hospital visit. Sigh. All is well though and feeling great and lazy, so everything's back to normal.

Now, New Years my Mother surprised me by gifting me a ring of her's I play with when I visit her. Side Note: She gifted me the matching earrings for Christmas. My Mother has this thing where she also gifts on New Year's Eve... A bit weird, maybe, but who am I to deny her the gift of giving? ^_~

Besides running errands, I'd been stuck indoors the last two weeks. I was going crazy and was considering rescuing more cats. So to the beach I went! There's nothing more relaxing. Just listening to the waves crashing and having no care in the world. and instagramming.

Also, there was a twenty dollar parking fee for this particular beach. WTF? It's Winter!

I love anything and everything Disney. After the beach to the theater I went. This particular movie, for me, was like snooping into something I love. Disney. How these movies we've all come to love and annoyingly quote and sing were made. The back story. Saving Mr. Banks is about Mary Poppins and how Walt Disney worked for decades to get the author, P.L. Travers, to allow him to bring her beloved books to the big screen. No spoilers here but it was simply, amazing. A must. If you do go, take your tissues and don't wear mascara ladies!

I had a very relaxing New Years but thoroughly loved it.

 I can't ever complain about my life. I'm very blessed and alive so to me is just about making each day count in 2014. No resolutions, if you really want something any one day is the perfect time to make it happen. 

Hope everyone has a bitchin' 2014.

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