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Saturday, January 4

The last few weeks I've been doing my best to skip TV Shows on Netflix. They're great and all and having six seasons to watch back to back is amazing but I'm not a big fan of that 'feeling' afterwards. Getting back to reality and regular scheduled programming sucks!

I go to the movies A LOT. --If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know that-- With that being said, what Netflix pushes as "New Arrivals" I've seen a long time ago. Which leaves only TV Shows or 90's movies. Enter newest obsession; documentaries on Netflix.

While I was on bed rest I gave in and watched Blackfish. I put it off because it seemed too depressing to watch during Christmas week but I was sick so that jolly feeling was long gone... I'm pretty sure everyone's heard of it so I'll skip the synopsis but it's just what you expect. Extremely upsetting! It's something that's been going on for years and just not with Killer Whales, it's with all animals in captivity forced to perform. It's aggressive but it gets people talking and hopefully avoiding Sea World.

 Downfall and Anne Frank aren't documentaries but they're recreations of real events so it counts for this post.

None of these films are relatable or hit home for me. Thank you God. Precisely because of that I'm drawn in. We are all aware that there's suffering 'out there' but once you put faces to it makes you feel guilty about the stupid crap you whine and complain about. They make you a little more grateful. Everyone should watch these, I couldn't recommend them enough.

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