Weekend Activities.

January 14, 2014

All pictures on this blog are edited and taken by me. If that wasn't obvious. 

This weekend was sort of boring and a bit stressful. I'm planning a weekend getaway but it's, like I said, stressful. The funny thing is, so much planning to go 'relax' but not really since your stress levels will return to 'normal' AKA before said trip was planned. Does anybody else see it like this or is it just my negative thinking? 

On Friday, Dinner was had at Lucille's BBQ . I, obviously, stick to the side dishes and most restaurant nowadays have a selection of Vegetarian options. If they don't I just ask for something without meat, por favor. It was late and didn't want to be up all night so I had a couple of sides but my true love whenever I go here is their delicious Apple Butter and biscuits.
I'm getting ahead of myself, before the food was Her. It was such a good movie. The fact that it makes it seem perfectly plausible to fall in love with an Operating System speaks of our obsession with technology. This movie is an example of where our society is headed. To a future with very limited human interaction. Who else is cool with that?  It's 'romance' but it has it's funny parts. Just a great film all around and a great cast. 
Joaquin Phoenix is the first person in the world  who doesn't look demonic with colored contacts. No one else. So throw them away people.

Sunday was a "test" picture day. I had beautiful flowers so of course I had photograph to their beauty. 

I want to take non-blurry phone pictures of my pets and this was me testing it out before the day. They will all get groomed, bathed and all that jazz. This was just a test to see how many treats where needed for them to stay still.. (i lost count)
 But isn't he adorable?.. It's almost cute enough to let me forget that this is a a dog on a natural high! He's super hyper and there's no such thing as sleeping in, ever. But I love him so..

Sunday afternoon I took my baby brother (only sibling, actually) to dinner and a movie. We had El Torito and, of course, he kept embarrassing me by ordering the messiest food: wings. He proceeded to eat them like a gorilla and simultaneously hit on the waitress. ah.. little brothers! The sick part is that she thought we were together.. As if, I can do so much better.. I ordered two deep fried Ice Creams and she brought out one with two spoons.. If it wasn't her thinking I'm a cougar it was her suggesting I stop being a porker.. Pssh, no way!

Dinner was followed by Lone Survivor. I'm so unpredictable.
This movie just gives you chills the whole time you're watching it. The action scenes were so realistic it felt like your bones were breaking! 
 Politics aside, it's just a film that captures the bond between those who serve. I've seen reviews go off in rant about the military involvement in Afghanistan, how it's a propaganda for the military, how it didn't stick to the real facts, how it seems like a violent video game.. blah blah blah. 
To me, the full impact comes at the end of the film. When you see the actual pictures of Lutrell, his comrades, and the sixteen others who died trying to save them. Seeing their faces and how much was lost shakes you. All these people died in the line of duty and that's the fact. This film is about their bond and the love for their country. It's a must see.

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