January 9, 2014

 This isn't really a What's in My bag (but it turns into it) post it's more of a I got a new tote post.

The above bag is the one that I was using. It's the Classic Q Natasha by Marc Jacobs. I don't have a single bad thing to say about this bag, It's not ridiculously small like some, I was able to fit all the stuff  from the pictures below, minus the planner, and still have plenty of room.. I need all the colors

To be honest, I don't really carry my Erin Condren Life Planner with me. When classes are in session it's really a must for me but I carry it in my backpack. Otherwise during school breaks my life is ridiculously boring. The Kindle is pretty self explanatory.. for porn.. The sleeve on it is from Belkin.

Aviators, I got my first pair when I was 15 but they broke last year.. When I went to purchase these the fella working at SunglassHut  said that if you take your broken pair to them they'll give you 50% off your new pair... I had already thrown them away.. sigh..
The Hello Kitty bow mirror is from Sephora and a travel size lotion from Bath and Body Works.

Wallet is the Robinson Zip Continental from Tory Burch and the Card Case as well. Dior lip balm. Carmex. Lens wipes for my phone, glasses, sunglasses, camera... when I don't have any Purell on hand. 
And a headband.. midday it gives me a headache so I take it of and shove it in my bag.

Phone. Pens. Earphones. Small pouch (thanks Megan!) with smaller items I don't want loose. Eye drops, Eye drops for contacts, bobby pins, more lip balm, painkillers and other crap.

This is the tote I purchased from Everlane. It's their Reverse-Denim Tote. I had this one on my wishlist for a long time and when I finally decided to get it, right before the holidays, it was sold out! You never want anything more than when you find out it's sold out. I signed up to get notified when it was back in stock and ordered right away. like from my phone, like at two AM.. Shipping was quick and their packaging is superb. I own a couple of their Tee's and knew to expect greatness.

This tote is a little big for my day to day activities and will use the Natasha bag for that but it's perfect for long weekends, Disneyland, trips to the beach, basically trips where you carry a little more than usual.


I haven't used it long enough to have a review of sorts but my only worry, thus far, is how long it'll be before it shows signs of wear. Color wise it's really light and feels like a giant napkin.. We will see. I have a trip out of town soon and I'll be taking it with, will share pictures of it ... then.


  1. I always enjoy your pictures B. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks so much for the positive feedback, Deborah. I'm glad you enjoy it.. ^_^