Thursday, February 27

Last November I purchased a Casetagram coupon from Gilt. It was $20 and you got $39.95 worth of Casetagram credit. Basically a smartphone case. The code expired February 18th and I forgot about it until the last day. I quickly got some pictures together and uploaded it to make this.. 
There's only one picture (the first one) from my Instagram account. I wanted pictures from my DSLR for better quality. I had planned (silly how that never works out..) to use a picture from my San Francisco trip but I forgot to pack my DSLR during the trip. So I put a couple of my favorite things -- I did think of pictures of my pets but I'd need multiple cases lol -- the beach, Disneyland and the roses boyfriend is always surprising me with.

I've had the case for two days and I like the idea of it. My own pictures, my memories, it's uniqueness. But that's about it. I hate everything else about it. I received the case within seven days. For something custom made I expect it to take longer. I own a different case from them and it took weeks to receive it. 

It's a frosted case so I knew to expect some texture but the texture is printed with the pictures as well and they look like crappy phone pictures. (they aren't!) I also expected the pictures to be printed on the case. They're actually really thin decals of my pictures slapped on their case (hence it getting to me super quick, I could do that shit at CVS). I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it. It's not even worth the $20!

So if you're considering this, don't. There's dozens of services that let you upload your own images to make into cases. They'll be around the same price but a better printing job.


There's Uncommon , A friend made one for her iPhone 4s with them a while back and the picture looks really clear and crisp.

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