iPhonePix: San Francisco PT 1

February 3, 2014

This trip wasn't my first visit to San Francisco. I first visited three years ago for my twenty-first birthday, it was my bff, boyfriend and myself. I couldn't rent a car because you have to be at least twenty-five. / note that there is no age requirement to get pregnant and abuse the system and the legal drinking age is twenty one / Setback aside, we just packed our stuff in my VW Beetle and off we went. 
My birthday is April 9, that year my birthday fell on the first day of Spring Break. I had taken exams that morning, April 8,  so in the afternoon of our trip I was exhausted and hungry my hair was in a messy bun (not the cute kind) and I looked like a hobo (again, not the cool hipster type). We made a stop at this In-N-Out, ate in the car and boyfriend and I switched so he could drive. Well, I don't drink soda (wait, does ginger ale count?) but bf had gotten a soda with my meal, he said put it on the dashboard (we ran out of  cup-holders) and once I finish mine I'll drink yours. 

You know when you have a bad day and everything seems to join forces to see how long it'll be 'til you cry? 

This was like that ... in a way. It was a vacation, officially, but it was a stressful day and had exams in my head still and looked like shit and was headed to a nice Hotel. Well.. boyfriend took off and guess who had to continue for four more hours with sticky soda all over herself?.. Yup, this idiot! 
So at 2AM on my twenty-first birthday I was showering Dr.Pepper off of me while my companions slept. 
  I could have been cool and just pissed my money away in Vegas like most twenty-one year olds. But I don't get the point of Vegas or maybe people don't venture out because all I see in people's Vegas posts is drinks... It's called a liquor store! 

That first time we stayed in the Financial District which I now know it's a horrible idea if you have a car. There's like two bike lanes for coming and going traffic. There's no parking anywhere and the hotel provides only valet. So that's what it was at $60 a night ... for four nights! And the hassle when you wanted to go out, you had to let them know twenty minutes before leaving. There was always traffic outside our window which sucks for light sleepers: ME.  Such an expensive annoyance.

Regardless of the bad start three years ago we had a good time but we were very lost and hardly remember what we did.  

This time we were stressed and packing and making sure our dogs and cats had everything they'd need until the last minute. We actually left a couple of hours later than desired thanks to our house/pet sitter. mom..
We decided to make tradition of our meal then and stopped at the same In-N-Out but ate inside, ha! 
I had  a grilled cheese but it's all about them fries!

We stayed closer to the San Francisco Airport because it was more for our money. Four star Hotel for the price of a one star Motel in the heart of the city. It had free wifi, free parking (SOLD!) a gym and indoor heated pool. I didn't use the last two but it was nice to have. Also, for those who ever consider this arrangement the Airport is only fifteen minutes away from the city. It's good for those getting around the city by car.

We had the luxury of sleeping in. I got up and fought every urge to just spend the rest of the day under the covers. After getting out of the shower I discovered I forgot to pack my blow-dryer and hair brush/comb. I have long, middle of my back, curly hair. I NEED a comb. I later purchased one but for that morning like a lot of single gals I was forced to use my fingers. I wasn't winning any hair awards that day.

Breakfast/Lunch was had at  Eagle Cafe which is on Fisherman's Wharf. I had a freshly squeezed apple juice and a sandwich. They had really good thin-cut fries.

Since it was our first day we wanted to go with the flow. After we got done with fueling our bodies we saw those tour buses in front ready to take off in ten minutes. It was $40 a person and we didn't really have anything planned so we went for it. I didn't have a whole lot of expectations for it but it turned out to be the best investment. They take you to all the major tourist spots through different streets and point out which restaurants are worth the wait, which have the best this or that, where the best all day parking is at. The guide then pointed out to a different bus that served the same purpose as the one we were on but it was a recorded tour. Definitely not worth it and apparently not all take a throughout tour like ours did. They also can drop you off in whichever street on their tour and with your receipt you can catch the next bus (every 2 hours) which is cool for those that want to explore more. Like I said, it was great because we got a really good layout of the city so we didn't feel completely lost the rest of our trip.

The "real" Chinatown.

They took all their pictures with their iPad. 

City Hall

The top is real gold! 

Pretty Woman...


The second day we had lunch at Pompei's Grotto on Fisherman's Wharf. There's a place right in the center of Fisherman's Wharf that makes sourdough bread and many restaurants, like this one, get theirs  daily from them. It was soo good! And a cucumber bloody mary for me because why the heck not! 

After lunch it was time for Alamo Square! It's such a beautiful park (there has to be a park every seven blocks because houses don't have yards) with  a jaw dropping view every which way you turn. The main reason people visit is for the Painted Ladies AKA Full House opening credits house..  We stayed here for a bit, wish I would've brought a blanket to just lay there and people watch.

Golden Gate bridge was next. Walking across it, on the south end, I saw waves breaking and a dozen surfers waiting to catch them. FYI, white sharks often visit these waters!

By this point with all the walking I was famished! I can't remember the name of this restaurant. I looked on my Foursquare and I didn't check in so until my feeble mind recalls it, it shall remain a mystery. Which is good for it, I guess. It was the worst $90 spent! There was some sauce on my veggies and my rice was swimming in the sauce. That is beyond gross and didn't even look appetizing. Veggies we're overcooked and tasted like mush. The waitress came once! Left the trash on out table... Ugh, horrible experience!  

But I had my wine to console me and lull me to sleep.. 

And after a lot of walking and a glass of wine  boy do you sleep good

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