iPhonePix: San Francisco PT 2

February 8, 2014

Day three started with an early breakfast. We found our way to Luna Park thanks to the suggestion from a wonderful lady from the Implus (Instagram) group I'm in. It turned out to be the best meal of the whole trip. I definitely should have asked for more suggestions from the beginning. Should've, Could've, Would've. 

This day was a Monday. I hadn't realized  how crowded everything was the previous two days until now. (Something to do with the 49ers playing that Sunday.) It was a pleasant experience looking for parking and we didn't have to hike for miles for an ice cream cone.. true story.

After filling our tummies with deliciousness we headed towards a planned destination but quickly took a detour when boyfriend pointed at the Thrift Store across the street. I squealed a little and ran towards it! I'm a little obsessed with local thrift stores and thrift finds.. Not Goodwill type of thing but the nice places. Goodwill is ridiculously overpriced and smells like death and cigarettes.
But this place is without a doubt one of the top three thrift shops I've ever been in. I went on a lucky day too, every third Monday of the month their clothes are 50% off! I spent one hour in here but spent the entire time in the gold mine in the back: the book section. Most, if not all, of their books where in pristine/new like condition... Why do people get rid of their books? Doesn't everybody want Beasts' library?

Anyway, I remembered I was running out of time on the parking meter and was on my way with the nine or so books in my basket and a couple of CD's I found.

These murals were on the outside of the thrift shop.

Land's End Trail was next on the list. Boy, when we got there was I glad I decided to screw the tight jeans I was planning on wearing that AM and wore workout clothes instead. Being lazy and not wanting to fuss with your clothes or makeup work out in your advantage.. from time to time.

See those stairs? There's like a two hundred of them and it's all great until you can't feel your legs on your way up. On my way down a lady was going the opposite way and repeating to herself  Oh my God, Oh my God, I'm almost there".. That was me looking into the future(me.) To get to that beautiful scenery we had to make our way down a mountain with very slippery rocks. But then we saw this and it was magic!

That's the Golden Gate Bridge on the far right. We sat around here for an hour just enjoying this beautiful view. and regaining the feeling of our legs.

After burning (accurate estimate from the numbness of my legs) about a million calories I made a quick stop at Miette Patisserie for some macarons. This was the first place I had written down on my list of things to do. It didn't disappoint. I got two of every flavor but my favorite was rose-geranium. It reminded me of a fancy soap at an Anthropologie and apparently that tastes good.

Dinner at Franciscan. I ordered pasta in some-name-I-can't-pronounce wine sauce. That's code for pounds of garlic per serving. I only ate about half before it tasted spicy due to all the garlic. It reminded me of that episode on Friends where Phoebe tells Monica her restaurants food is "pretentious comma garlicky", pretty much.
We went to different coffee houses or ice cream shops that I found by Yelp-ing wherever I was and found some great spots but at this point two dinners where a huge miss. Like I mentioned earlier, I should have asked for more suggestions from either Instagram, Twitter or just locals around.

If you've read the post before this one I mention that one of the things I wanted to do this year is buy less books from online retailers and support independent bookstores instead. I searched Yelp for indie bookstores (I Yelp everything, yes.) and Green Apple Books had the best/most reviews. We headed there after dinner and was disappointing, at first. The books outside were the only used ones (in this store) but a book I bought at the thrift store for $2 was $9 in worst condition here. Once inside I quickly changed my opinion. The staff is great and knowledgeable and have a ton of recommendations if you ask. There's two floors and all throughout the store certain index cards stick out with a written synopsis and review from the staff of their favorite, newest, reads. The children section is filled a variety of older and newer copies of classics. This is where I found three books I had on a wishlist on Amazon. The Mary Poppins collection by P.L Travers  $5 each here and one is an older copy. score!
As I was checking out I saw a sign that said their second store with albums and more books was two stores down. I couldn't help myself and found my way there. That's where they were hogging all the good used books! I spent an hour on one side of the store and would need at least five just to browse through their extensive collection.
From their second store I bought two books. Weirdly enough both were the same price $9 each but one was new ($14 on Amazon) and one "pre-loved." Either way I came home a winner.

All books, thrift shop and Green Apple Books, bought in San Francisco.


I wished day four was a day of sleeping in. I was so tired by then. Sleep would have to wait because we had early tickets for an Alcatraz tour and it was our last day and we were going to try to pack as much as we could into it. We started the day by having breakfast in our Hotel's restaurant and proceeded to checkout.

The ferry drops you off and you can leave the island whenever you want. They have ferries coming and going every thirty minutes.You get to freely walk around and you get an audio tour when inside the cellhouse. 
   The audio tour was the voices and experiences from actual inmates and correctional officers. I found it completely fascinating!
From the gift shop I got this tin cup which is a replica of the ones the inmates used back when the prison was in operation.

Up next, Lombard Street! The second most crooked street in the world. The first?... Wallstreet...  Ba-dum-dum-Chissshhh  *cricket*

After Lombard Street I wanted to go see the 'real' Full House house..  To my dismay it has been painted to make unrecognizable. The owners forget the power of Google and creepers like myself. 

These four days spent in this beautiful city were nothing short of amazing. On the way home we took a detour to Big Sur. We got there sort of later than expected and almost lost all light but sometime later this year we plan to make to make our way back and see more of these beautiful waters. We drove next to them for over a hundred miles. Definitely a great view..

California, you are a beauty!

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