Weekend Activites

February 27, 2014

Well... This post is  a bit late.. it's almost time for new weekend activities. Sigh... I've been having issues adjusting to this MacBook. Photoshop (I noticed from my previous wallpaper posts) is exporting my pictures in really low resolution. I know by resizing an image to smaller dimensions you loose resolution but this was bad and I never experienced that with my PC. I've spent two days trying to figure out the issue with various settings but I'm still not happy with the results.. In order to get this post up I edited in my old laptop.. AH familiar grounds! 
I'm still looking for a solution without making the pictures smaller.. That seems to be the only way to post them on Blogger and I'd have to go back and resize ALL my pictures from my previous posts and margins and all that jazz... 

Now, back to the weekend.. 

Saturday was just a relaxing day in Laguna Beach. Window shopped a bit and walked to the beach to sunset watch. It was surreal! I mentioned in my previous post that the pictures I captured were saturated in reds.. well here they are.. unedited.. 

Right after this picture was taken I was rushing (like a toddler) to the ladies room and the waves were strong and as I'm walking away from the beach I feel the sand under me sink and water to my knees! Shit. 

Peet's Coffee and Tea to warm up after my impromptu bath... Had a Matcha Green Tea Latte with soy milk..
Currently reading The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

Red Lobster for dinner. 
The waitress said this red velvet jar was her favorite and that the frosting was amazing and she'd have that by the jar full if she could... (If I didn't know she worked for tips I'd guess commission).. It was good but too much frosting for my taste.. I much rather have permanent teeth.


 San Bernardino National Forest

Up in the mountains there's this quaint city. I was taking pictures of this old mechanic shop when I ran into this fellow.. He was sort of lost and was walking down this steep hill and where he was heeded I know there weren't any houses.. So (hoping he wouldn't bite) I called to him and he came and was very friendly. Trying to call the number on his tag was useless since I had no service up there! Boyfriend had this rubber strap in the back of the truck so I used that as a makeshift leash.. Looking at his tag again I saw there was an address! I'd seen the street not too far back so put his big butt in the truck and took him home.. His human was preparing some wood with heavy machinery and let his kennel open so he could roam around the property.. and well.. he roamed further than he should've .. ^_^

My fellow stopped in front of this shop and said he was going to get directions. I asked why? We've been there before and we were headed home.. Boring* boring* boring*... He came out with these things.. No, there's no snow and it's 80 degrees but they're cute ... and so is he..

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