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Tuesday, February 4

My mother, "it's already February next thing you know it'll be Christmas." -- Does it bother anyone else when people say this? (sorry Mom) I mean, are people unaware about the concept of time? I hear it every year and shocker it'll happen next year too! -- Stop rushing it people, we're all here on earth, alive, a limited time and no one knows if they'll even be alive Christmas 2014 so enjoy the NOW.

Saturday was a day of leggings and baggy sweaters I only changed (aka took off my socks and put on flip flops and sunglasses) to grab some Chipotle.  I ordered the kids menu Sofrito tacos and *insert valley girl voice* OMG the mini bag of Chips is sooo cute. *like totally done* But what is it about mini sized anything that makes our voices all high as we say 'cute' to describe it? A couple of weeks ago I saw mini bottle of Heinz Mustard and Ketchup and wanted to buy them so bad.. I don't even like Mustard or Ketchup!

... Yes, the mini Chips were the highlight of my day.

Beautiful roses once more.

Any big event you'll find my family at my house. I'm the Monica Geller of the fam, loves to cook, clean freak and always the hostess. I think it happened with my mom not really being the best cook and not really enjoying it... 
In High School I got my first set of Rachel Ray ( I was obsessed with her 30 Minute Meals and would watch religiously after school) cooking ware - yes, I asked for this in High School I don't know why I wasn't more popular- and just found my way and taught myself like that. 
FYI, 90% of the things I serve at get-together's are meat dishes. I don't push my lifestyle and choices or anyone. I do what I do for me

But Sunday Dad wanted to throw something together for us. I went to get my eyebrows threaded and off to my parents house we went. My Dad is really into gardening. He has various flowers and fruit trees. It's all so beautiful and I fell in love with this peach tree full of blooms! I have one in my back yard as well but his is bigger.

Sunday night some online retail therapy went on. I ordered the Aqua of the Adopted orange cushion case I featured here some posts ago. It was one day shipping since they ship from a place forty minutes away. It's truly my favorite case! I've taken off the orange one only once and returned to it because it truly is like no other.. I only remove it to wash it with warm water (it's silicone) or to wipe it clean with an alcohol pad.

.. last but not least.. some books. I had two major goals when it comes to reading this year. I want to minimize my purchases from online retailers since I know they're putting actual bookstores out of business. With that in mind I'd be able to go to independent booksellers more and continue building my physical library (goal number two) while helping out my community. 
Minimize was they keyword deep down there I know there will be a deal too good to pass up. This was one of them.  A blogger on Goodreads suggested I give Shadow and Bone a read. I searched it on Goodreads and I immediately saw human flesh and magic.. It's a little different than the last things I've read but also those have gotten me in a reading rut so I decided to look for it but she even gave me a link to it's bookoutlet page. You know someone really wants you to read something when they link you.. As you can see from the above screenshot it was $3.99 and I wasn't about to pay $4 shipping for a $4 dollar book so I included others based on the recommendations from Shadow and Bone. Once they get here and  I start reading it i'll try to give a review of it here. But how bad can it be when Veronica Roth (Divergent!) gave it the thumbs up?

Here are the Goodreads links for the other books in case any fellow bookworms are interested.

In the words of Porky Pig... That's all folks!

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