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Tuesday, February 11

Reach for the sky!

Do you guys remember a few posts ago I talked about that disgusting feeling you get after binge watching season after season on Netflix? Well, I did just that this weekend. Technically I started Thursday but still ... a life well spent!
Years ago, probably when it first aired, a male friend commented on how good New Girl with Zooey Deschanel was. I tried to watch it mid season and hated it. Now, I know you shouldn't really do that and it's not fair to the show but it worked with so many others (Criminal Minds, Law and Order, Dexter... I just noticed the pattern.. ) so I quickly changed the channel and blamed it on the show.
Two years later and here I am. Finished with two seasons in four days.
 He was right.

Besides rotting my mind with wonderfully scripted television I took pictures of this handsome fellow! Doesn't it make you want to hire him?!

For dinner I had  Vegetarian (tofu) Pho. A little lime juice and Sriracha and in the words of Rachel Ray - Yum-o!

Yogurtland.. because I need dessert in my life.

Last Sunday Father told me to be ready at 8:45AM next (this) Sunday and that he and Mother we're going to pick us up and take us to breakfast. I was like why so early?! Only because it meant getting up two hours earlier to shower and look semi presentable. As I was blow-drying my hair I was thinking this better be good!

And it was. Delicious, actually. It was this Mexican place I looked over one too many times since it's marquee says "Margarita Bar." Yes, for a minute I thought my parents were the coolest parents on the planet.. It was a bar alright but a breakfast one. Everything was so fresh and they make your eggs any way you want right in-front of you. Both, Mexican and American, breakfasts' were catered to. I had some fruit, scrambled eggs and red potatoes..
Eating too early, typically before 10AM, nauseates me. I've gone to various doctors and the last one just told me that it's quite normal and my stomach is just a little more sensitive.
 Hence I didn't get crazy with my choices.

Later that afternoon, sans parents, we made our way to Newport Beach. It was a beautiful 70 degrees. Laid out a blanket and read a little, people watched, took some pictures. 

On our way out the beach I turned to my trusty Yelp! and found this coffee house. It was packed and not a single seat (inside or outside) free. Ordered a Honey Vanilla Latte with Almond Milk and right as I finished paying a couple was leaving a table. Sat down, watched some dude get rejected and enjoyed my warm drink. Next time I shall ask for a tiny bit more honey.. It's really strong and you can barely taste it.

Some Thai food for dinner.. 

I'm going to sneak in Monday with my weekend.. We went to watch The Lego Movie, the dude that said it was so dumb couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole thing. Very catchy song (it's still stuck in my head!) Lego action going on (not that kind, it's still a children's movie) and it makes me want to buy every Lego in the world and make my own Lego city.

Hope everyone's weekend was just as fun.

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