It's a Doggy Party!

March 17, 2014

It was this little lady's second birthday. Contrary to the looks of this picture she actually loved it! She was a bit uncomfortable with the ALL the attention on her but like a princess ... she got used to it in no time.

Since this post is about her (if dogs aren't your 'thing' click out now.. also, what's wrong with you?!) I thought I'd share how she came into our lives. 
A year and half ago el novio was going to get us Starbucks. It was Summer and the temperature was in the 100's! Well, mister here forgot his wallet in the garage and came back for it. We have an automatic garage door so I had no interaction with the process. He called me and said, "can you check the garage, I don't think I turned off the light". If you have dogs you know those fkers beat you to any door so I barely opened it, saw pitch black and went back to whatever I was doing. Boyfriend comes back and says "come in the garage, someone wants to meet you".. I was like crap, it's that one neighbor that dresses like a pimp! I open the garage door and I see the dirtiest, yellowest dog ever! It's wagging it's tail and was kind of shy and didn't really want to be touched by BF. I'm still standing at the door and I just say "Hey buddy!" and this little lady JUMPS on my arms like we're best girlfriends. She was just so happy to see me! There's no effing way I was going to throw her back outside in that Summer heat. Looking at her closely I could see she was either abused and neglected or had lived on the streets for a while.. She had ticks the size of my nails, fleas, extremely matted and those balls of her matted hair where full of urine... she had urine all over her back and so so yellow.. I carried her straight to the bathtub and bathed her numerous time and sort of groomed her (she had very little hair and her head was bald!).. I wondered how I'd introduce her to my other dogs but she came downstairs and jumped on the couch and went straight to sleep. Like she owned the place. The other dogs gave her a sniff and went on their business as usual. 
We took her to the Veterinarian and based on her teeth he gave her the birth date of March 12 of that year. She was around six months when she sneaked her way into our lives.  

March 12 of this year fell on a Wednesday so we moved the celebration to Saturday...

That moment she jumped on me I called her Mozzarella. If you've seen FRIENDS, Joey is really sad and Phoebe brings him the happiest dog in the world to cheer him up... He calls him Mozzarella. She was so happy when she saw me that that's the first thing that came to mind. The happiest dog ever: Mozzarella. We call her Motzi for short but she answers to both.

Nowadays she's a little tomboy! She roughhouses with the boys but wants to be treated like a princess when she sleeps. She will not sleep on the floor or a doggy bed for any reason. The couch with a throw and a bed with her own blanket are a must. She is also a Class A thief. The other dogs have their treats (she inhales hers) and it's invisible to the human eye how she manages to take it away from them. Every time.  She's extremely obedient and so so sweet and always wants to "give you 5". The only thing is that she's deathly afraid of sudden movements or anything that has your hands going up in the air. She'll pee on the spot thinking you're out to hit her. Is what led me to believe she was abused... 
but never again!

Back to the partaay, we got her a cake and treats from Jackboy's Dog Bakery. As soon as we walked in everything smelled delicious! We got her a hat, treats, cake and a toy and she (and the other pooches) loved everything!

My other bebe, Roxy, turned 7 in January but someone (me) forgot thier phone when we took her to the Dog Park to celebrate so we decided to borrow Motzi's hat for a min... 

This lady came into our lives when my Brother called me to ask if  if I could take a dog for a couple of days. Some idiots dog got pregnant, had one too many puppies and he decided to rip her away from her mom and give her to a friend of his. His friend threw this three week puppy in her backyard with her two feisty pit bulls (absolutely NOT their fault.. horrible humans) and my brother said that the new owner wasn't feeding her, didn't really want her and that the pit bulls we're looking at her like a chew toy (he put her in different part of the yard where they couldn't reach her in the meantime..)
On that Sunday... I went to pick her up. I was 17 and still living with my parents, I was a bit afraid my Mom would say we couldn't keep her but there's no way she'd allow her to be left to her death in her previous home. ;) 

... and the rest is history!

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