Weekend Activities

March 5, 2014

Twas a rainy week leading into the weekend and it was perfect. California Winters equal to other states'  summertime temps so when it rains it's that one time a year to pull out that umbrella and scarves. 

Saturday - Breakfast at Goodfella's Cafe. It was amazing! They serve Coffee Bean coffee which was an awesome surprise. I love it a million times better than Starbucks.. They should have one of those in every corner! I had a Greek Omelet with home potatoes. It was phenomenal but I skipped the potatoes. I don't like onions (I do eat them if they're finely chopped and practically invisible to the naked eye.. ) and the ratio of potatoes to onions was 50/50. But the omelet was on point. My fellow had the huevos rancheros. He loved his meal as well ... but he's a guy. As long as it's warm and edible he don't curr.

Barnes and Noble.
The place where I spend hours adding to my never-ending 'To-Read' list.

.. Saw these and figured why not start the collection?! 
The fellow and I binged watched the first three seasons on HBO GO around Christmas time. Can't wait for the fourth! We also wanted Khaleesi (and perhaps a few dragons.. ) but she was no longer in stock. A bunch of other nerds beat us to her so we went with our favorite character, the only likeable Lannister.

It seems interesting and a bit different from the stuff on my bookshelf..

After getting our nerd on we went to the movies and watched Non-Stop. It was alright ... extremely predictable. Not the worst thing though..


El novio worked and I spent all day cuddling with our furry bunch and rotting my brain with crappy made-for-TV movies.

I never watch award shows but I love Ellen DeGeneres so I tuned into the Oscars to watch her do her thang. 
They were alright.. I still don't get the hoopla.. People pretended they didn't have a speech prepared and them winning was a total shock yet their speech was obviously rehearsed.. sigh.. 

Before they started, I might add, I picked up some Olive Garden for dinner (it was raining, I was too lazy to actually cook and too lazy to go sit like a lady in a restaurant.. the struggle right?).

After dinner and the Oscars we watched Captain Phillips on the Apple TV machine and it was AMAZING.

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