Kittens turn one!

Tuesday, April 29

Memorial Day 2013 I did something I seldom do, I slept in. Boyfriend took the dogs out and he came upstairs out of breath and woke me saying "I thought they were dead." My boy ,Nemo, is a certified kitty finder. He smelled kittens on the neighbors yard and would sit in front of where he could see them through a board and wouldn't move for hours!

My neighbor passed away last year after complication from a routine procedure. Prior to that, we had very limited interaction. I later learned he lived alone with his cat and therefore didn't work or pay attention to his yard. An unkempt yard with one big tree in the corner was the perfect place for this momma cat to dump her sickly kittens.

As soon as I peeked into the basket -- BF had peeked into the yard to see what caught Nemo's attention and he saw two kittens laying in the hot cement, tummies up.. just waiting for death-- I thought that they wouldn't make it but didn't say it out loud. They were so small and their eyes were shut with fresh and dried pus. I decided to give them their space to rest (I have two extra rooms in my house), I mean, I doubt they get a good nights rest on the streets... and went to Petco to buy a bottle and kitten replacement formula.

When I took them to the Veterinarian that week they we're diagnosed with what I had already Googled; the Herpes virus, they got from their mothers milk. Basically, it will always be in their system waiting for an opportunity to resurface. To this day they still take Lysine in their food to help with that.. One.. my little carrot-top got the worst of it.. He has a little spot in one of his eyes that bothers him the more tired he gets. It's been tested and it's not an ulcer but it can always turn into one, she said. He has a little heart murmur and he's getting an echocardiogram later this year to see what we're dealing with and what it means for the future.

The "now" pictures make them look a little chubby but it's just the angle. In actuality the red one and black-mixed one still need to gain a little more weight.

Nowadays, they're pretty independent. They're super cuddly and oh-so loving!  They love catnip and two of 'em love Temptations treats more than anything in this world. They have their own room with a medium sized cat tree their dad made them.. Three huge pet beds to take those long, envy inducing cat naps... They're three of the lucky ones and it's been a lot of work but they're worth it.

It may be hard to look at but it's hard to "prettify" the hardships
of feral cats...


Are they not beautiful?... Please spay and neuter your pets people!


Wednesday, April 23

Like the uber creative title states, I bring you wallpapers. These are from my previous Manhattan Beach post. There are four and are only sized for the iPhone 5/C/S. 

I've gotten a couple of requests for a link for my Photobucket account. I had made it private hoping to download all the wallpapers to my computer and uploading them elsewhere, Photobucket is just so clunky and not mobile friendly, but no such option exists. Therefore, we're sort of stuck with Photobucket. I've added 26 wallpapers and will continue to update until the new iPhone is released. When that time comes I'll find something easier for us all to enjoy/download our wallpapers. =)

DOWNLOAD: left        DOWNLOAD: right

DOWNLOAD: left         DOWNLOAD: right


Monday, April 21

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, we made our way to  Manhattan Beach. It was 80 degrees and the beach was the perfect place to relax and cool off. After a couple of dips, I retired to my blood-orange lemonade from Lemonade and my book. By the way, I hate lemonade because of the aftertaste but this one was perfect!

 Hope everyone had a great Sunday/Easter. .


Saturday, April 19

This past Monday, the 14th, we celebrated the fourth birthday of this little fella. My squishy, Nemo. My boyfriend was outside of a Home Depot where someone was giving away two dogs, a white and black. He called me and asked me white or black?.. I knew he was at Home Depot so  I said, "Black, because it goes with everything", I was expecting a dresser or something!

It wasn't. ^_~  I was asked to go outside to get my "present"... We met each other and it was love at first sight!

This is a picture I took with my Blackberry the next day.

His cake and treats are from Jackboy's Dog Bakery. My parents brought their three girls and together with our five dogs, they tore into the cake! They all love it!

His favorite way to sleep.. Some things never change!

... when I look at you, I can feel it. And-and I look at you, and I... and I'm home...


Disney Thursday

Friday, April 18

Yesterday I made my way over to The Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland!

I have an annual pass but some dates are blocked off. I happened to check the calendar without my contacts or glasses on and I didn't really see this whole week was blocked off.  >.<  I realized once my card wouldn't scan! I could see the Churro guy in front, teasing me of what I couldn't have.. (I don't even like Churros, but they smell good!) I went to the ticket booth and upgraded my pass to the Deluxe Passport. The only blockout dates I see are Saturday's during Summer but A) it's way too hot and B) too many tourists so I wouldn't want to go anyway!

Now for the pictures, I have a previous post with the pictures of the main park so I decided to give Disney California Adventure some love. I did hop on over to Disneyland but after a couple of shots my camera gave me a "SD Low Memory" message so I put it away after the Mad Tea Party. I still walked around and went on rides but didn't stay for the fireworks.

Paradise Pier

More pictures after the break ...

Festival of Books

Tuesday, April 15

This past Sunday I made my way over to the USC Campus for the annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. As the title states, this is a festival celebrating books, book lovers and the authors who make magic happen! There's a bit more than that of course. Music, art, photography, food trucks, charities, health booths and a million others I can't seem to remember.
This is the third year in a row I make it and this was the most enjoyable year. Only because it wasn't scorching hot like the last! I wanted to attend Saturday since Veronica Roth (Divergent), John Green (TFIOS), and Rainbow Rowell (Eleanor & Park) would be there but I realized so would everybody else! I saw the lineup and saw that Sunday's YA Stage would include Leigh Bardugo (Grisha Trilogy I recently finished) and Marissa Meyer (Cinder, book I have waiting for me on my bookcase) and decided on that instead. Which I'm glad I did. They were so funny and kept the crowd laughing for over two hours.
 It would be awesome to meet Veronica Roth, John Green and Rainbow Rowell but I read that they would have a limit on signatures and such so better off going with the lesser known, but just as good, authors.

Now, pictures. I just walked around and took pictures, most tents are pretty self explanatory so I'll skip the lengthy descriptions.

 Pets allowed! My kind of shindig.

More pictures after the break...

Beauty Things

Saturday, April 12

Not trying to be a beauty blogger here (don't think I have the patience for swatches) but thought I'd share my recent Sephora purchases. Mainly to test the images on my new layout. If you look around here, especially from a computer, you'll see I've re-done my blog.  Half of these are just restocks  on products I ran out of and the other half are one's I've heard tons of great things on and decided to try out. If you ever see it again in a future post, you'll know I loved them. 


 Mother gifted me this vanity years ago



The items I'm trying out for the first time; POREfessional, eyeshadow base, silk creme foundation and the concealer.

 I've been perfectly fine with the Laura Mercier Primer I've been using but as soon as I walked in the POREfessional packaging caught my eye, grabbed it and realized I'd seen it on numerous blogs before. Added to my basket but it was definitely an impulse buy and not on the list. Oh, yes, when I go into Sephora or Ulta I go with a list otherwise it's like a trip to Target. But I had a 15% discount coupon which helped... a lot!

The last four years I've stuck with the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer but I stopped using it halfway through the last tube. I don't know if it was just mine but it was far too oily and I had to squirt the oil out every time I used it. I ended up throwing it out. So hopefully this Nars one doesn't disappoint. The last year I've used MAC Studio Finish Concealer and I've been waiting to be impressed and it's just not happening, it's just cakey. I read wonderful things of this Nars one on MakeupAlley so I added it to my list.

I've used their Orgasm blush (too shimmery) before but found peach tones compliment my skin best. I alternate between Shiseido Starfish and Nars' Deep Throat.

My (current) favorite foundation is the Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA. I've tried the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and, ugh, not happy with the results or their shades. Some are too orange or too yellow, never a perfect match.  I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of MAC. Their makeup looks and feels heavy and too harsh for everyday use. Unless you work at a MAC counter or a Club.
But the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA, provides great coverage and my skin can breathe! I'm 1000% happy with it but I'm running out and figured it was the perfect time to see what the fuss was about regarding the Laura Mercier Silk Creme ..  I did try it on in store and walked around for thirty minutes to get a feel for it and I loved that it was full coverage yet felt so light.

Now, when I first started wearing makeup, I started with Clinique and I stuck with it for years. Everyone told me that during my teens I'd break out like crazy blah blah blah, so I went with Clinique since it was gentle and great for sensitive skin ... (FYI, to this day I've had clear, normal, skin). I eventually ventured out of my trusty Clinique counter but the one item I still continue to use is their Moisture Surge - it's AMAZING. It just melts into your skin and it's very moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue. .. and the eye cream is it's perfect companion.

 Don't know if all the new products are going to make the 'Holy Grail' cut but for the next couple of months they shall have a spot in my vanity.

On this trip I also stopped by The Body Shop -- I love so many things from there and use them as part of my everyday routine I may just make a post solely on that --  and Apple. I ended up wit this Kate Spade iPhone case..


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Grand Birthday

Thursday, April 10

 Betsey Johnson Dome Weekender. Got it from a BJ Outlet a couple of years ago.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I had an extraordinary view before me.

I mentioned not being a party/club person. I enjoy nature and exploring my surroundings. So, two months ago it was decided that I'd spend my birthday exploring the Grand Canyon ... and pictures don't do it justice, It's mind-blowing! It truly takes your breath away.
There's so much to see that you can't possibly cover it in a day but it's a great reason to go back.. ^_~

Perfect place to tie your shoes... 

If you guys want to see more pictures, the Grand Canyon National Park has a Flickr account.

Sort Of ...

Monday, April 7

... found a way around the issue with my pictures.  I found that embedding them with Flickr tends to do the trick but that feature is, mainly, for sharing 'sets' (Flickr folders). All pictures in my account will be viewable from the one picture, like a slideshow. (picture above is set up like so).
Here's a preview of the ongoing issue.. first image is uploaded through the HTML code and the Second is embedded. Both through Flickr. See the difference in the text? I would embed all the images from now on and save myself the headaches but once there's more than a couple of pictures in my Flick account it will get confusing. Also, it's difficult to center, edit, and type after it's inserted into the post. 
Basically, the issue persists. *insert crying emoji*
I will continue working on later on this lovely annoyance later this week.
 You guys see I'm not crazy?


Wednesday, April 2

It's been a while since my last post. I'm still having issues with the quality of pictures posted. The ones from my DSLR look like I've taken them with a Motorola Razr (ah, member those?). I really want to figure it out rather than post pictures I'm not happy with.  sigh.

I don't know if the files are getting compressed when exported from Photoshop, from Blogger or if it could be my template.  I want to say the last one is highly unlikely since it's a photography template and it'd be pointless if it compressed images.. I know Blogger compresses JPEG's but my images still look horrible when exported as PNG's .. so... I also tried something else I read about editing the  HTML of each particular post to a specific image size but they're that size by default. The last thing I tried before I hurled my MacBook across the room (in my head, anyway..) was making a Flickr account to avoid using Blogger servers, aka the need to compress images, and ... it still didn't work!

After the third hour I had the idea that maybe, just maybe, I was completely crazy and delusional and the picture quality was good.

I went to a popular blog that I know uses Flickr to host their images. I went to their Flickr page (which they linked. I didn't totally stalk them) and grabbed the link from one of their high res pictures and tested them on a test post... I'm not crazy... In their site, that one picture looks amazing and on my blog it looked horrible! low res, grainy and a bit pixelated.. 

So ... I'm still trying to figure it out.