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Saturday, April 12

Not trying to be a beauty blogger here (don't think I have the patience for swatches) but thought I'd share my recent Sephora purchases. Mainly to test the images on my new layout. If you look around here, especially from a computer, you'll see I've re-done my blog.  Half of these are just restocks  on products I ran out of and the other half are one's I've heard tons of great things on and decided to try out. If you ever see it again in a future post, you'll know I loved them. 


 Mother gifted me this vanity years ago



The items I'm trying out for the first time; POREfessional, eyeshadow base, silk creme foundation and the concealer.

 I've been perfectly fine with the Laura Mercier Primer I've been using but as soon as I walked in the POREfessional packaging caught my eye, grabbed it and realized I'd seen it on numerous blogs before. Added to my basket but it was definitely an impulse buy and not on the list. Oh, yes, when I go into Sephora or Ulta I go with a list otherwise it's like a trip to Target. But I had a 15% discount coupon which helped... a lot!

The last four years I've stuck with the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer but I stopped using it halfway through the last tube. I don't know if it was just mine but it was far too oily and I had to squirt the oil out every time I used it. I ended up throwing it out. So hopefully this Nars one doesn't disappoint. The last year I've used MAC Studio Finish Concealer and I've been waiting to be impressed and it's just not happening, it's just cakey. I read wonderful things of this Nars one on MakeupAlley so I added it to my list.

I've used their Orgasm blush (too shimmery) before but found peach tones compliment my skin best. I alternate between Shiseido Starfish and Nars' Deep Throat.

My (current) favorite foundation is the Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA. I've tried the MAC Studio Fix Fluid and, ugh, not happy with the results or their shades. Some are too orange or too yellow, never a perfect match.  I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of MAC. Their makeup looks and feels heavy and too harsh for everyday use. Unless you work at a MAC counter or a Club.
But the VITALUMIÈRE AQUA, provides great coverage and my skin can breathe! I'm 1000% happy with it but I'm running out and figured it was the perfect time to see what the fuss was about regarding the Laura Mercier Silk Creme ..  I did try it on in store and walked around for thirty minutes to get a feel for it and I loved that it was full coverage yet felt so light.

Now, when I first started wearing makeup, I started with Clinique and I stuck with it for years. Everyone told me that during my teens I'd break out like crazy blah blah blah, so I went with Clinique since it was gentle and great for sensitive skin ... (FYI, to this day I've had clear, normal, skin). I eventually ventured out of my trusty Clinique counter but the one item I still continue to use is their Moisture Surge - it's AMAZING. It just melts into your skin and it's very moisturizing without leaving a greasy residue. .. and the eye cream is it's perfect companion.

 Don't know if all the new products are going to make the 'Holy Grail' cut but for the next couple of months they shall have a spot in my vanity.

On this trip I also stopped by The Body Shop -- I love so many things from there and use them as part of my everyday routine I may just make a post solely on that --  and Apple. I ended up wit this Kate Spade iPhone case..


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love your new layout Bee! I definitely need to try out a few of the products you mentioned. They seem great. :)

  2. Love the new site and that phone case! I want the pencil case.