Disney Thursday

April 18, 2014

Yesterday I made my way over to The Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland!

I have an annual pass but some dates are blocked off. I happened to check the calendar without my contacts or glasses on and I didn't really see this whole week was blocked off.  >.<  I realized once my card wouldn't scan! I could see the Churro guy in front, teasing me of what I couldn't have.. (I don't even like Churros, but they smell good!) I went to the ticket booth and upgraded my pass to the Deluxe Passport. The only blockout dates I see are Saturday's during Summer but A) it's way too hot and B) too many tourists so I wouldn't want to go anyway!

Now for the pictures, I have a previous post with the pictures of the main park so I decided to give Disney California Adventure some love. I did hop on over to Disneyland but after a couple of shots my camera gave me a "SD Low Memory" message so I put it away after the Mad Tea Party. I still walked around and went on rides but didn't stay for the fireworks.

Paradise Pier

More pictures after the break ...

Cars Land

Disneyland, Refuel Break


Mad Tea House

until next time!

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