Kittens turn one!

April 29, 2014

Memorial Day 2013 I did something I seldom do, I slept in. Boyfriend took the dogs out and he came upstairs out of breath and woke me saying "I thought they were dead." My boy ,Nemo, is a certified kitty finder. He smelled kittens on the neighbors yard and would sit in front of where he could see them through a board and wouldn't move for hours!

My neighbor passed away last year after complication from a routine procedure. Prior to that, we had very limited interaction. I later learned he lived alone with his cat and therefore didn't work or pay attention to his yard. An unkempt yard with one big tree in the corner was the perfect place for this momma cat to dump her sickly kittens.

As soon as I peeked into the basket -- BF had peeked into the yard to see what caught Nemo's attention and he saw two kittens laying in the hot cement, tummies up.. just waiting for death-- I thought that they wouldn't make it but didn't say it out loud. They were so small and their eyes were shut with fresh and dried pus. I decided to give them their space to rest (I have two extra rooms in my house), I mean, I doubt they get a good nights rest on the streets... and went to Petco to buy a bottle and kitten replacement formula.

When I took them to the Veterinarian that week they we're diagnosed with what I had already Googled; the Herpes virus, they got from their mothers milk. Basically, it will always be in their system waiting for an opportunity to resurface. To this day they still take Lysine in their food to help with that.. One.. my little carrot-top got the worst of it.. He has a little spot in one of his eyes that bothers him the more tired he gets. It's been tested and it's not an ulcer but it can always turn into one, she said. He has a little heart murmur and he's getting an echocardiogram later this year to see what we're dealing with and what it means for the future.

The "now" pictures make them look a little chubby but it's just the angle. In actuality the red one and black-mixed one still need to gain a little more weight.

Nowadays, they're pretty independent. They're super cuddly and oh-so loving!  They love catnip and two of 'em love Temptations treats more than anything in this world. They have their own room with a medium sized cat tree their dad made them.. Three huge pet beds to take those long, envy inducing cat naps... They're three of the lucky ones and it's been a lot of work but they're worth it.

It may be hard to look at but it's hard to "prettify" the hardships
of feral cats...


Are they not beautiful?... Please spay and neuter your pets people!


  1. Bee these cats are gorgeous!! You have such a huge heart! It's amazing what you've done for them.

    1. Aw, thanks so much for your comment and for reading Deborah. I love them SO much I would do it all over again. ♥