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April 7, 2014

... found a way around the issue with my pictures.  I found that embedding them with Flickr tends to do the trick but that feature is, mainly, for sharing 'sets' (Flickr folders). All pictures in my account will be viewable from the one picture, like a slideshow. (picture above is set up like so).
Here's a preview of the ongoing issue.. first image is uploaded through the HTML code and the Second is embedded. Both through Flickr. See the difference in the text? I would embed all the images from now on and save myself the headaches but once there's more than a couple of pictures in my Flick account it will get confusing. Also, it's difficult to center, edit, and type after it's inserted into the post. 
Basically, the issue persists. *insert crying emoji*
I will continue working on later on this lovely annoyance later this week.
 You guys see I'm not crazy?

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