Wednesday, April 2

It's been a while since my last post. I'm still having issues with the quality of pictures posted. The ones from my DSLR look like I've taken them with a Motorola Razr (ah, member those?). I really want to figure it out rather than post pictures I'm not happy with.  sigh.

I don't know if the files are getting compressed when exported from Photoshop, from Blogger or if it could be my template.  I want to say the last one is highly unlikely since it's a photography template and it'd be pointless if it compressed images.. I know Blogger compresses JPEG's but my images still look horrible when exported as PNG's .. so... I also tried something else I read about editing the  HTML of each particular post to a specific image size but they're that size by default. The last thing I tried before I hurled my MacBook across the room (in my head, anyway..) was making a Flickr account to avoid using Blogger servers, aka the need to compress images, and ... it still didn't work!

After the third hour I had the idea that maybe, just maybe, I was completely crazy and delusional and the picture quality was good.

I went to a popular blog that I know uses Flickr to host their images. I went to their Flickr page (which they linked. I didn't totally stalk them) and grabbed the link from one of their high res pictures and tested them on a test post... I'm not crazy... In their site, that one picture looks amazing and on my blog it looked horrible! low res, grainy and a bit pixelated.. 

So ... I'm still trying to figure it out.

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