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May 19, 2014

April was such a busy month I spent most of May catching up. Blog posts have been non-existent the last few weeks for that reason and the last week has been spent taking my half a dozen pets to get their monthly checkups, vaccines and a neuter for the boys. Finishing up the two youngest this week and won't be this crazy for another year! I'm pretty sure my Vet's grand-children are going to college thanks to my zoo. ^_~

Here's a compilation of most of May through my Instagram posts.

Mother's Day Sunday was spent at the most relaxing place I know, the beach! Both my parents haven't been to the beach in decades so it was a really relaxing time for all of us. I got a cabana and had a cooler with dozens of sandwiches and drinks I spent the previous night preparing. She loved her gifts and her surprise picnic.

Last week SoCal got a little taste of what's to come this summer, temperatures in the hundreds! I'm sure many are aware of my love for anything and everything Disney and it seemed like the perfect place to hide from the heat.  Lines were 10 minutes long at the most so I got on Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain (two of my favorite rides) half a dozen times!

I've really enjoyed gardening this Spring and I've added a couple succulents and herbs (not pictured) to my garden.

 Two of my girls at the vet's waiting room. I may have tricked them by saying we were going for a walk.. ^_^  cheap trick but it's in their best interest.. 

The flowers are from brunch yesterday, Sunday. Last but not least what I'm currently reading. I've ordered a lot of books the last month from yet I'm years behind on my 'toread' and a couple of books behind on my Goodreads yearly challenge. I placed an order a couple of days ago but plan (you know how those go) to catch up and not buy for a while.

Once I receive the newest order I'll share in a post the books I've bought the last month to see if anything catches fellow readers' attention.  

Until next time.. 

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