Friday, June 27

... weekend I invited my family for dinner. I had made a lot of sauce (used for the enchiladas) so I invited them for chilaquiles the next morning!

I wanted to pick up a copy of Leigh Bardugo's Ruin and Rising so I off to Barnes & Noble I went.

 Pictured: The Dinner by Herman Koch, If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Daenerys Pop! figure and Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews.


Thursday, June 26

I'm a little behind on posts this week, thanks to my youngest pup getting himself into an emergency situation Monday night and needing constant attention. He's okay, basically, we (vet) suspect he might be a hemophiliac... which is also code for 'get ready to spend tons on test'..

Either way, this is something I've had on my to-do for months but I was being a bit stubborn.  I wanted to share a playlist but I didn't really want to use Spotify. I don't know why, a lot of people have it and I learned (the hard way) it's super easy.

I basically copied songs from my favorites playlist on iTunes. I'll try to add songs every week! I know this post will get lost within a couple of weeks but there's a link to the playlist on the top of this page.. ;)

A while back I had tried Spotify but I didn't really stick with it, I kind of prefer owning the music rather than renting it.. but I had made a couple of playlists and one of the properly titled: Frankie Says Relax. I will use F-R-I-E-N-D-S lines whenever possible! I don't think I will be updating this one, ever.. But I made it public for all you, if you're curious.


My Big Night Out

Friday, June 20

This past Monday I made my way to the Hollywood Bowl for 104.3MYfm's My Big Night Out.  It was a concert with Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato, Colbie Caillat and Andy Grammer and a special performance by Nico and Vinz <-- Don't know who they are but the (ex) band geek in me only saw an amazing drummer!

I was only there for Ed Sheeran but Demi Lovato impressed me, she put on a SHOW and definitely earned her paycheck. ^_^  Andy Grammer was really good,too! Ed Sheeran played some of his new music and originally, from listening to iTunes previews, I didn't really care for his 'new' sound but hearing them live is a completely different experience and I was sold! I pre-ordered his album instantly!

 I took more videos than pictures so sorry for the lack of those! Ed Sheeran will be in Los Angeles later this year and I look forward to that ... If I manage to get tickets, I'll take more pictures then and hopefully figure out how to upload a video without resorting to YouTube.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Father's Day

Wednesday, June 18

I share a lot on my Social Media accounts but I still hold many things private. I feel a lot of people on Social Media get 'privacy' confused, for example, with check-ins through the Foursquare app you get someones location (I check in after I leave, btw) but many keep their location private yet they'll post a million pics of their babies, family members, house, apartment complex, significant others, jobs etc... In my opinion, those things are more sacred than a stupid mall location!

With that I mean to say, you probably won't see pictures of my parents,boyfriend, birthday celebrations or even many of me (hate selfies and the word) on my social media accounts. Not because they're horribly disfigured and I'm ashamed of them (lol) but because somethings are too personal and private.. Certain pictures are memories just for me not to be exploited for a like.

... but lets get personal. 


Wednesday, June 11

Here are some pictures I finally got around to editing and resizing. They're pictures I took with my iPhone in San Francisco, and my recent trip to Balboa Beach.


Beauty Haul

Monday, June 9

Yesterday, Sunday, I made my way to Old Pasadena.  There was a little coffee with some Bible study at Intelligentsia - their coffee of the day was delicious!- and followed with some Lush, The Body Shop and Mac retail therapy...

I first discovered Lush a couple of years ago when I first became a vegetarian (4??). I liked their philosophy but I don't recall being aware of their local stores.. but I didn't like ordering stuff online that I couldn't really smell before hand.. It lasted for about a half a year (when I ran out of everything..) and never really ordered again. The last year I put that Google thing to use and found a couple of stores not too far from me and I stocked up on my old favorites.. (Sea Salt Scrub and Mask of Magnaminty, mainly)..
I got some more bath bombs, I get the cheaper ones since they're a one time use thing... If they smell good and are under $7, in the basket they go! Pictured: Tisty Toasty, Rose Queen, Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and Sakura.

MORE after the break.


I did it again! Over a year ago I got matching Skinguardz (you can find them on eBay or Amazon) for my iPad Mini (then) and iPhone. *pics* I recently ordered a different pattern for my iPad Air and 5S. I'm not really a fan of leopard but I loved the combination between it, the roses and teal.. It could be I'm used to installing screen protectors (although, I don't have any on either device) but it took seven minutes to install both, so not very difficult if that's what keeps you away from these. I've removed them after months and residue on your device and you can use them over and over. I save the packaging they come in to stick them back on when I get sick of them. Until the point of sale, I never removed it from my iPad.. I have dozens of cases for iPhone and tend to change my mind.. a lot.. It tends to become the one I remove and re-install numerous times.

Just search "Leopard Rose" in their store if you're interested in this pattern!



Thursday, June 5

On Memorial Day, I finally took the plunge and ordered a Lifeproof case for my iPhone. I go to the beach quite a bit and figured it'd be a great investment, plus, no more worrying about getting my phone wet trying to get 'the' shot.

The Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach was the perfect place to play with my new toy! I was quite impressed with the results.. The only thing about a Lifeproof is that, at least to me, is not an everyday case. You loose the beauty of the retina screen with their screen. I found my camera would switch to video or to a filtered view more often than I liked and it was hard to press, at times. I do like it thought! Just using it when I go out and don't want to worry about about my phone. (Also, super light).

 More pictures after the jump...

Book Haul

Monday, June 2

My love affair with reading started in fourth grade. Mrs. Frost, my teacher, took it upon herself to introduce us to her first love, reading. Every day she'd take a couple of minutes after lunch to read us a chapter or two. That year she read us the complete "Fudge" series by Judy Blume. I remember her saying, if she could get one student reading on their free time, she'd done her job... and she did. I was hooked and every month my parents would take me to the library and that summer it became my favorite place in the world.

Early on I realized I'm a mood reader. Meaning I can read 3 books in one week and not get enough but there could be weeks I don't even want to open a book. Lately, I've been really busy and like I mentioned in the previous post I'm a little behind on my yearly challenge.. but I'm catching up!

I'm currently reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, he's quickly becoming a favorite author.. I read Norwegian Wood by him last year along with his short stories and they're just so detailed and thought-provoking.

Lately, I've been buying more than reading but thought I'd share which books caught my attention. Half of these were purchased through BookOutlet and the other half through my local Barnes and Noble.

I try to hit various bookstores because I don't want them to go out of business since online shopping makes everything cheaper and easier... Same reason why I consciously purchase all my books, whether Kindle, iBook or audiobook, to support those author's who've spent months writing these wonderful stories we've come to enjoy getting lost in.

Now.. haul.

(last book not pictured because FAIL..)
There's a little bit of everything in that list.. A book for every mood! I hope it's given you some ideas as to what to read this summer!