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June 9, 2014

Yesterday, Sunday, I made my way to Old Pasadena.  There was a little coffee with some Bible study at Intelligentsia - their coffee of the day was delicious!- and followed with some Lush, The Body Shop and Mac retail therapy...

I first discovered Lush a couple of years ago when I first became a vegetarian (4??). I liked their philosophy but I don't recall being aware of their local stores.. but I didn't like ordering stuff online that I couldn't really smell before hand.. It lasted for about a half a year (when I ran out of everything..) and never really ordered again. The last year I put that Google thing to use and found a couple of stores not too far from me and I stocked up on my old favorites.. (Sea Salt Scrub and Mask of Magnaminty, mainly)..
I got some more bath bombs, I get the cheaper ones since they're a one time use thing... If they smell good and are under $7, in the basket they go! Pictured: Tisty Toasty, Rose Queen, Rose Jam Bubbleroon, and Sakura.

MORE after the break.

The Buffy bar.. One of my favorite shows is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I may have only gotten it because of the name.. The Greench for my fellow, I looovee the earthy smell. Anyone else? And Breath of Fresh Air toner.. I've used this before and it's my main toner, just restocking.
Mask of Magnaminty mask, I use it once a week but put it in the fridge a couple of hours before and AHHH... face feels amazing! -- Popcorn Lip Scrub, tried this in store and loved it! Better than my use your toothbrush system.. ^_~ -- Angels on Bare Skin, I use it every other day ( I get really dry and red around my cheeks) and it leaves my face so soft and smells great!

My go-to place.. The Body Shop.. My favorite place as you can tell by this tweet! I use their shower gels, body butters, serums, masks and face wash every single day.. I've tried higher end products and nothing compares to theirs.. I also, started using their stuff when vegetarian became part of my vocabulary. I've been a Love Your Body member and it makes stocking up super easy! They're always having buy 2 get 1 free or buy 3 get 2 free sales.. Plus the 10% off from the LYB membership AND the $15 rewards every four points (1 for every $20)... I feel I get the most for my money here.

The Tea Tree Facial Wash is a holy grail product for me. I've used it religiously for over a year! (I get them by two's or three's to stock up). My skin is normal and I don't have blemishes, which it's what its intended for but I used get this one stupid pimple in my forehead around a specific time of the month but not anymore! My skin is clear and I haven't worried about potential breakouts in over a year. Yes, I don't typically breakout, so my skin does cooperate.. it's not magic but I got my girlfriend using it because she had a bad case of chin breakouts and she's been clear for six months! If your skin needs to stop flipping out.. try this!
This Olive Shower Gel and the body butter are one of my favorites..

Last but not least.. Mac's Maleficent lipglass and lip pencil- they no longer had the Maleficent packaging...  I tried different lipsticks (not my thing) but I was told by great friends that I looked like an "old time prostitute" lol.. This was the winning, approved, combo.. ^_^

It's a really long post but hope it was an interesting to snoop through my shopping bags..


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