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Monday, June 2

My love affair with reading started in fourth grade. Mrs. Frost, my teacher, took it upon herself to introduce us to her first love, reading. Every day she'd take a couple of minutes after lunch to read us a chapter or two. That year she read us the complete "Fudge" series by Judy Blume. I remember her saying, if she could get one student reading on their free time, she'd done her job... and she did. I was hooked and every month my parents would take me to the library and that summer it became my favorite place in the world.

Early on I realized I'm a mood reader. Meaning I can read 3 books in one week and not get enough but there could be weeks I don't even want to open a book. Lately, I've been really busy and like I mentioned in the previous post I'm a little behind on my yearly challenge.. but I'm catching up!

I'm currently reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami, he's quickly becoming a favorite author.. I read Norwegian Wood by him last year along with his short stories and they're just so detailed and thought-provoking.

Lately, I've been buying more than reading but thought I'd share which books caught my attention. Half of these were purchased through BookOutlet and the other half through my local Barnes and Noble.

I try to hit various bookstores because I don't want them to go out of business since online shopping makes everything cheaper and easier... Same reason why I consciously purchase all my books, whether Kindle, iBook or audiobook, to support those author's who've spent months writing these wonderful stories we've come to enjoy getting lost in.

Now.. haul.

(last book not pictured because FAIL..)
There's a little bit of everything in that list.. A book for every mood! I hope it's given you some ideas as to what to read this summer!


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