Father's Day

Wednesday, June 18

I share a lot on my Social Media accounts but I still hold many things private. I feel a lot of people on Social Media get 'privacy' confused, for example, with check-ins through the Foursquare app you get someones location (I check in after I leave, btw) but many keep their location private yet they'll post a million pics of their babies, family members, house, apartment complex, significant others, jobs etc... In my opinion, those things are more sacred than a stupid mall location!

With that I mean to say, you probably won't see pictures of my parents,boyfriend, birthday celebrations or even many of me (hate selfies and the word) on my social media accounts. Not because they're horribly disfigured and I'm ashamed of them (lol) but because somethings are too personal and private.. Certain pictures are memories just for me not to be exploited for a like.

... but lets get personal. 

I like pictures because they capture the good parts of any outing/day. Does anyone really choose to capture the bad?  You can edit them to be the perfect "Kodak Moment" to look back on even though we're aware life is not like that. At all.

 Father's Day, all anyone saw on Twitter or Instagram was "Best Father Ever" posts. Now, we all know all your Dads can't all be the #1 Dad but I get it..

Now, my Dad was NOT a good Dad.. If at any point during my childhood he seemed like the "Kodak Moment" of a father is only because my Mom outdid him in the worst parent department. -- I became independent from my parents at age 17 and helped them financially for years after. My life, now, is what it is because there's a man who works really hard to make my (our) life a dream.. Whenever I post something that seems like bragging.. it is.. I'm bragging about him. --

For a couple of years I didn't talk to Dad. I realized that at the end of the day holding grudges (I'm a huge grudge holder) doesn't really change the past, it doesn't make the future better and you only end up hurting yourself.

This was my post on Instagram .. I didn't post anything cheesy like "best daddy ever" but I, for my own sake, decided to be a good daughter.  Things will never be the same or what they could be but I can only hope it's not twenty years down the line in my children's lives when I realize how bad I effed up.

Now back to the game..  We (bf and I) stick to the safer streets surrounding the Angels stadium.. If you watch the news you've heard of Bryan Stow and the horrible events that took place at Dodger stadium in 2011.

 From the couple of times I've been to this stadium and from growing up in Los Angeles... it's not safe nor worth it. These fans are 90% belligerent drunks just shouting profanities and booing like they're getting their unemployment checks doubled for it. The people in front of me was a family of nine, the Dad downed over 10 beers and still got mad they stopped selling them after the seventh inning.. like, are you here to get drunk or to spend time with your family? Are you driving?
There was soo many drunks just ruining the experience with their "expertise." Once I saw that happen at Angel Stadium.. the guy in question got two warning and was quickly escorted by security out of the building..
That's another thing, when you drive in to Angel Stadium the parking staff is made up of 10 police cars in every entrance and two ambulances. The parking staff in Dodger Stadium was a dozen or so women under 5'0.. What the hell can they really do when those drunken idiots want to start crap?
It was not up to my standards and I probably wouldn't go again. I don't care about #1's, championships and all that hoopla. I care about a fun and safe experience for all parties involved. It's just a game!
Basically, I'm not ghetto enough for the Dodgers.

It was SOO HOT! So BF went to the gift shop and came back with this.. I'm not a huge Hello Kitty fan anymore, won't deny her cuteness and appeal, but this is adorable!

Please remember, all these opinions are my own and my experience!


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