June 27, 2014

... weekend I invited my family for dinner. I had made a lot of sauce (used for the enchiladas) so I invited them for chilaquiles the next morning!

I wanted to pick up a copy of Leigh Bardugo's Ruin and Rising so I off to Barnes & Noble I went.

 Pictured: The Dinner by Herman Koch, If I Stay by Gayle Forman, Daenerys Pop! figure and Flowers in the Attic by V.C Andrews.

I ended up with four other items I didn't plan on... but that's always the case, isn't it? I saw they finally had Daenerys in stock since they didn't last time I got Tyrion and Khal Drogo. Now I just need all three dragons to complete my collection.. ^_^
All books were in my to-read shelf except Flowers in the Attic, I had checked it out in Middle School, started it but never really got past 100 pages. I saw it in a front shelf and figured I'd finally finish it!

Sunday afternoon was spent at the Griffith Observatory. It had been three years since I'd last visited. I had forgotten how packed parking gets there and there was a little bit of an uphill hike. Note to self: Next time don't wear cute shoes! Blood in my shoes aside, it was the best view! Caught the Samuel Oschin Planetarium program and watched the sun set. ♥

We got dinner at a local Thai place... it wasn't good but it was two minutes away and opened late.
 Still an amazing weekend.. here's to next one!


 Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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