Thursday, June 5

On Memorial Day, I finally took the plunge and ordered a Lifeproof case for my iPhone. I go to the beach quite a bit and figured it'd be a great investment, plus, no more worrying about getting my phone wet trying to get 'the' shot.

The Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach was the perfect place to play with my new toy! I was quite impressed with the results.. The only thing about a Lifeproof is that, at least to me, is not an everyday case. You loose the beauty of the retina screen with their screen. I found my camera would switch to video or to a filtered view more often than I liked and it was hard to press, at times. I do like it thought! Just using it when I go out and don't want to worry about about my phone. (Also, super light).

 More pictures after the jump...

natural light leaks from the sun's reflection...
There's a couple of more pictures on my Flickr account. I will also be resizing some of these for wallpapers. I'll post those next week!



  1. the pics are so pretty! which lifeproof case did you get?

  2. Their sale was only for the iPhone 5 model, so that's what I got.. It's still on sale if you're interested..