June 9, 2014

I did it again! Over a year ago I got matching Skinguardz (you can find them on eBay or Amazon) for my iPad Mini (then) and iPhone. *pics* I recently ordered a different pattern for my iPad Air and 5S. I'm not really a fan of leopard but I loved the combination between it, the roses and teal.. It could be I'm used to installing screen protectors (although, I don't have any on either device) but it took seven minutes to install both, so not very difficult if that's what keeps you away from these. I've removed them after months and residue on your device and you can use them over and over. I save the packaging they come in to stick them back on when I get sick of them. Until the point of sale, I never removed it from my iPad.. I have dozens of cases for iPhone and tend to change my mind.. a lot.. It tends to become the one I remove and re-install numerous times.

Just search "Leopard Rose" in their store if you're interested in this pattern!


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  1. Love this print!! Looks great on your phone & ipad!