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Thursday, July 31

I totally wanted to lay down on these peoples hammock! 

Like I mentioned in the previous post, our weekend getaway was a gloomy one! That didn't stop us (or others) from enjoying the beautiful beaches Malibu has to offer. 

Dreamy, right? ♥


Tuesday, July 29

Last week, I ordered this Kelli Murray case for my iPhone from Society 6. I have three other of their cases and have always had an issue or another with their lining. Not this time, I took a chance because I liked the illustration that much and I'm glad I did. They seem to have fixed their padding issues and the phone fits perfectly!

If I knew I would have self control and not jump in line for the new iPhone (later this year) I would also get this one.. or this one..

 I want her entire Society 6 merchandise!

SR 1

Two weeks ago, I browsed Airbnb for the perfect weekend getaway to celebrate my fellows 30th (July 19). It was two nights and three days of total relaxation. A wonderful pool with the most amazing view of the pacific ocean (and highway).

I started this post over a week ago and that pesky thing called life got in the way and I've completely forgotten my train of thought. At this point, I've gone through the trouble of resizing and editing the pictures.. so I'll just post them and let them speak for themselves.

I took some pictures of the local beaches but that will be shared in a different post! I did Instagram a couple of pictures I took with my phone.. here, here and here.

Doesn't this look like the perfect setting for a cliché Nicholas Sparks novel turned movie?

The day of was this gloomy! It was sprinkling at some point.. but that didn't stop us from enjoying the water!

It was a wonderful weekend! XO

Recent Purchases

Wednesday, July 16

Last weekend I found myself on a (unplanned) late night trip to Downtown Disney. There's tons of entertainers, music, food and shopping! I did a little bit of the last thing..

I went into Sephora to restock on my Clinique Moisture Surge cream-gel.. and browsing got the best of me. There's no such thing as browsing there! I've heard great things of First Aid Beauty products and saw their Ultra Repair Cream moisturizer was cheaper and bigger than the one I went in for. I'm also fortunate enough that my skin doesn't really "act up" when I want to try other things and after trying it on on my wrist and liking the way it felt, I added it to my shopping bag. I also saw their Purifying Mask, a friend posted it on Instagram and had only great things to say about it (thanks, Cate). I must say.. it's sooo good! Yes, the removal is the funnest part.. you get to peel it off! But even from the first use you can see how smooth and matte it leaves your skin, and you can definitely see gunk on the mask once you remove it. I also got samples for their Eye Duty Triple Remedy and their Overnight Mask.. which are both amazing! The eye treatment was magic from the first moment, will definitely be purchasing the full size.. The Overnight Mask was great after a couple of days of continual use.. I shall also be picking up the full size!

In my shower I have the Soap & Glory Clean on Me shower gel, even though I have like 10 others in there, this one is my absolute favorite! I added The Righteous Body Butter (trial size) which smells amazing, it's very hydrating and absorbs quickly! I also added their lip balm in Juicy Peach.. it feels like a gloss; a hint of color, shiny, lasts for a while and smells like summer!

I also stopped at Ulta (not in DD) and got the Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. I have the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo and their brush #12 but sometimes I don't want to spend more than seconds on my eyebrows and this is great for that! I was scared because it was a "pencil" and those lines are always harsh looking but this one is easy to apply and it gives a subtle look.

Then I walked into the World of Disney Store looking for something for my furry bunch. I got them a stuffed bowling set.. Four days later and we've lost two pins! lol I saw that Woody Cowboy hat and I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet.. but I had to have it! As well as that mug! I have an obsession with cute mugs but at this point who doesn't?  This store has a huge selection and it's really hard to narrow it down to just one.. and who could say no to these coasters?!

Now this guy.. WOW!.. He was the main entertainer when I got there. I remember saying "Who is that?! They're amazzzing!".. Well it was this guy.. I've uploaded a little 30 second video to Dropbox for you guys to hear and see why I HAD TO get his album. Looking at his website you'll see he's a pretty popular fellow.. and for good reason!

In the words of Porky Pig... That's All Folks!



This past Saturday I found myself at Brodard for dinner and like previous times, I picked up some macarons. Sunday morning, I took a couple of pictures of 'em with my iPhone and with my camera. I've made the camera ones into wallpapers for Macbook, iPad and iPhone.

bonus wallpaper after the jump!

Mind the Music

Tuesday, July 8

Fourth of July was spent at Angel Stadium with the family. We enjoyed some Vitamin D, yummy not-very-good-for-you treats, and ended with a beautiful fireworks show! I took my camera and right as the fireworks started it died on me. I managed to take one really blurry shot.. lol Luckily, my iPhone came to my rescued and while I shot video, I simultaneously took screenshots and managed to grab close to 50 beautiful shots! Now, I'm not going to post all, but I will share two that I made into wallpapers for my iPhone.

Pictures below are from my iPhone.. 

For Your iPhone

Friday, July 4

I'm hosting Brunch for my family Today and surprising them with tickets to the Angels game tonight.  Fourth of July games are only for the fireworks show after, amirite?
 Since I know I'll be super busy and won't have time (and I have a thing about not blogging on the weekends) I'm blogging in the middle of the night!

You. Are. Welcome

As promised, here are five wallpapers from my recent trip to the Los Angeles Arboretum.


Hope everyone has a safe Fourth of July!

... and have it too!

Lately I find any excuse to bake sweets, which is weird since I have more of a savory tooth. But I took it upon myself to make the woman who does have a sweet tooth a carrot cake. I've made these a couple of times, the first time I did not have a cake leveler which was ... interesting lol, and my entire family loved it so figured I'd go with the safe choice (for my skills).

I mentioned before my Mom is not the best cook... add cake cutter to the list(I had to cut some for a presentable picture)! 

We took it to her house for the "surprise" but did a candle test before since I've heard these candles suck... THEY DO. The person blowing them better make a wish and blow while you're lighting them! 

CAKE RECIPE                          FROSTING RECIPE

We did Lunch and a little shopping in the AM. I can't show her stuff because she took it home, duh!
 I fell madly in love with the Elizabeth and James Nirvana in black (sandalwood)  and white (peony) so I bought both rollerball perfumes. So far (I did one on each wrist) I've noticed the black one fades and doesn't last as long..
 My favorite show is FRIENDS so finding this mug in some random store I lazily walked into was MAGIC. Here's an online shop that sells a similar.

All in all it was a great day and the lady was happy and that's the goal in life!



Tuesday, July 1

Visited The Arboretum Sunday and it was all just so beautiful! Didn't make it to every acre (there's 127!) but here are some pictures of the the ones I did make it to. There's more on my Flickr account, if you guys want to check it out!

I currently have a cold so my apologies for keeping the words short but hopefully the pictures make up for it.

Some of these pictures will be made into wallpapers, look out for that post later this week!