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July 4, 2014

Lately I find any excuse to bake sweets, which is weird since I have more of a savory tooth. But I took it upon myself to make the woman who does have a sweet tooth a carrot cake. I've made these a couple of times, the first time I did not have a cake leveler which was ... interesting lol, and my entire family loved it so figured I'd go with the safe choice (for my skills).

I mentioned before my Mom is not the best cook... add cake cutter to the list(I had to cut some for a presentable picture)! 

We took it to her house for the "surprise" but did a candle test before since I've heard these candles suck... THEY DO. The person blowing them better make a wish and blow while you're lighting them! 

CAKE RECIPE                          FROSTING RECIPE

We did Lunch and a little shopping in the AM. I can't show her stuff because she took it home, duh!
 I fell madly in love with the Elizabeth and James Nirvana in black (sandalwood)  and white (peony) so I bought both rollerball perfumes. So far (I did one on each wrist) I've noticed the black one fades and doesn't last as long..
 My favorite show is FRIENDS so finding this mug in some random store I lazily walked into was MAGIC. Here's an online shop that sells a similar.

All in all it was a great day and the lady was happy and that's the goal in life!


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