A Season a Day

August 19, 2014

August, thus far, has been quite the busy month.. but very rewarding! I thought I'd come back with a post filled with pretty pictures.

This past weekend was kicked off by satisfying an a├žai bowl craving, white mocha latte and Murakami's latest book.

Next was a visit to Los Angeles County Museum. I don't speak art jargon, but there were some wonderful exhibits (special ones cost extra, currently Van Gogh to Kandinsky) we didn't get to them all because there's just so much to see but I really enjoyed the interactive portions!

There's also a "no pictures" rule on many exhibits so I forgot about my phone (all these pics are brought to you by my iPhone) and took pictures of the outside only!

An impromptu trip to Downtown L.A to watch the sun go down from the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It's amazing! It feels like a jungle with all the trees and the lighting and shadows created by the sunlight.

A little quick trip to The Face Shop to stock up on sheet masks (which this lovely girl got me hooked on AND delivered to me so many times) and these cute and delicious smelling hand creams. (the baby powder scented one on the left is my favorite!)

Now, Sunday was a day of rest*

Rest - ordering Chinese takeout and watching season 14 of Law and Order:SVU until 3am. -- That season was amazing! I'm mad at myself for taking so long to give in to "change"...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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