August 1, 2014

Last weekend we made our way to the OC Fair. I try to go every year but this year  I wasn't really excited for it, only because it was 98 degrees and me and the heat aren't friends. I will avoid being out in the sun anyway that  I can!
I was going to go to the beach, instead, but the beach is always there. The fair is only for a month, so off we went.

There was a lot of walking, tons of yummy-not-so-good-for-you food and carnival rides an attractions that made people scream and, some, throw up. ^_~

Regardless of the scorching heat, I had a great time!

There's more pictures after the break and many more on my Flickr account!

Black floppy hat because it's a million degrees! Nachos are never as delicious as they are at the fair! Amirite?

The best ride.. probably ever! ^_~


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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