August 29, 2014

A last minute trip to Disneyland took place this week after avoiding it during the summer months, because of the scorching heat (that remained) and the tourists! I remember going when I was younger and the lines would be hours long. That's not fun for anyone! So, I avoid tourists season... but I missed it.
I didn't take my camera because I wanted to enjoy the visit but, mainly, it was too hot and I didn't want the strap violating my neck. ^.^
I did snap a couple of pics with my phone...

WEIRD MOMENT: At some point I went to the restroom and left my water bottle with my fellow. He said he put it down to tie his shoe when someone grabbed it and proceeded to fill it up with water from a near drinking fountain and drank. A) I wasn't done with that! B) WHY??

Tarzan's Treehouse, If you ever feel your workouts aren't challenging enough...

It's a Small World... One of my favorites.. because no matter how long the lines, it always go by quick. The boat ride is so refreshing and perfect cool down, it's air conditioned. Plus, cute little dolls and a catchy song I don't know all the lyrics to.  ^_^

... and of course, some shopping!

I already have two pairs of these (they go by birthstone) but I saw this trio and I immediately liked! The key-chain is self explanatory.... I also got this Alice in Wonderland mug (Instagrammed).

The night was ended with dinner at Bubba Gump, two blocks away, which was properly decorated.


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