iPhone 6

September 26, 2014

I pre-ordered the iPhone 6 Plus in gold and with 128 GB of storage. This is not pictured! The minute I picked it up from the UPS Hub, I went straight to the LAX to catch a flight to NYC ✦ pictures from my trip will be up next week, check out my Instagram for a few in the meantime ✦ While there, I had four days with the 6 Plus and I quickly learned it was not the phone for me. Amazing camera, though. So far nothing is really updated for it which made most third party apps have a ginormous font and made it a horrible experience. Nothing is discreet with that thing! Everything was too big for me. TWSS.

My first day back, I went to three different Apple Stores and found the last 6/Gold/128GB and exchanged the Plus for it. Meant to be or what? There were two people in front of me who walked out of line because they didn't want the 128GB... Thanks!! -- Now this is so perfect. It's bigger than the 5S (which I wanted) but easier for one hand anything. I love the round, softer look. I got a refund from the difference in prices.. and got the Pink Silicone case (from Apple) and the Pink Smart Cover (to match). ❤︎

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