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Monday, September 8

I Instagrammed these beauties last week right after I opened the Amazon box! They're classic children's books that have been illustrated by Anna Bond from RiflePaperCo. Her website has the whole collection as shipping in October, if you order directly from her site you get matching bookmarks. If you're interested, Amazon seems to have them in stock.

This Saturday, I spent the majority of the day cleaning the backyard and realized my pomegranates were ready! We ate like six five that same day! They're so sweet and delicious!

I had someone on Twitter convince me to give Scandal a chance (since I tweeted about me not wanting to watch it) and I spent the rest of my Saturday binge watching it. Danielle, you were right! ^_~

Sunday, I made my way to the mall to get my eyebrows threaded and get some eye cream and it became a Target scenario: you go in for one thing and come home with 50 more items.

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I just bought hand soap two months ago but these go fast in my casa! They currently have a sale, 5 for $18 or 7 for $24.. It ends Today, though.

Late last year or early this year (can't recall), I ordered like 30 of these wallflower refills online (2 for $5, retail $6.50 each).. I used the last one last week and figured I'd buy a couple (4 for $20) until another really good sale comes up! I truly love these a million times more than those Glade Plugins.. They're more subtle than the candles but last much longer.

I'm not a huge fan of their Candles anymore, or maybe  I didn't care for their spring/summer collections. I really really liked these two, though, and decided to get them even though they weren't on sale. I love the designs on the lids!

 I don't know if I'm not ready for pumpkin anything or I'm just over it.. but I'm not into those this year. I haven't been liking "sweet" scents lately..

The actual thing I went for ^_^  I blogged about getting a sample from it my last trip to Sephora but I liked it so much I replaced my current one with this! As I was checking out this (last one!) Smashbox  palette caught my eye.

I've had the Perfectea Tea Maker by Tevana in my wishlist.. (this is the II). I also got some of this delicious Caramel Chai.


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