September 5, 2014

Last weekend was a last minute*ish Vegas trip. I mentioned earlier this Summer that I planned on catching Ed Sheeran in concert, again, and that was the main reason for this trip to Sin City. I've also mentioned me not really caring for Las Vegas because I assume it to be only enjoyable for those interested in gambling and drinking their paychecks away... I'm still true to that. The lights may be pretty and give you a kink in your neck from marveling at them but you're brought back to reality with all the secondhand smoke and the alcohol smell.

That aside, the strip offers a great selection of entertainment. I actually would like to go back to check out a couple of show's that weren't available on my days there. But you know why shows are so popular? Because of the air conditioning! People just want a break from the scorching heat, I'm sure! I've always complained of SoCal heat - because the sweet irony is that I'd like a lot more rainy/cold weather and I murder my electricity bill every summer because I cannot stand the heat - but it was 10-15 degrees hotter over there (over 100*) and O M G ... was I dying!
Dramatism aside, the concert was amazing. Rudimental was Sheeran's opening act and they were just amazing! (Pic) By the time my buddy Ed came on stage I was on my second vodka + pineapple concoction and I kid you not.. I suddenly became a great singer! ^_~

The next few days included a lot of walking, a lot of overpriced water bottles, a lot sight seeing and asking "How much is this?".. me thinking why is a keychain $300... and how I don't have fancy keys. There was a 1AM ride on the High Roller Linq (not my idea). I was bored out of my mind because it's 30 minutes long and they charge you two dollars a minute!  If you ever find yourself in Vegas.. Skip it! It only looks cool and terrifying!

I had a lot more fun than I expected and took around two hundred pictures but  I can't possibly include them all in one post, so I chose obvious ones. There's a couple of more on my Instagram that I posted while I was there. ♥

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