What's on my iPhone

Monday, September 29

Does anybody else love seeing iPhone home screens? Well I do! I typically share these on Twitter but figured I'd make a special post about it since it's a new phone and I started "as new". It took me over a week to put everything in its place! But here it is, my home screen and lock screen, which a couple of people have asked to see... Also, three wallpapers I made!

✴︎All wallpapers from this point on will be sized for the device I use, in this case, the iPhone 6✴︎


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  2. One of my favorite things about getting a new phone is getting it all nice and personalized to my liking, which is why I'm so excited to get my new iPhone 7 Plus. I'm not one of those people that gets every new iPhone that comes out so it's a big event for me :)

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