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Friday, October 24

Last month, my best friend and I explored New York City for four wonderful days! I had texted her one day at 5am if she would go check out the Friends Café that would be opening up in SoHo (to commemorate the show's premier 20 years ago). It was a show we would religiously watch all throughout Middle School and High School and it quickly became our favorite show. WE HAD TO!
There'll be more on that in PT 2.

We  were going to do certain things on certain days... it didn't quite go according to plan but we still hit every major attraction and filled our bellies with all the deliciousness planned.

Our first entire day was a red bus sightseeing tour. It gave us a feel for the streets, numbering and ideas for dinner (pizza, obviously, but no complaints!) and shopping.


All these, with the exception of one, are with the iPhone 6 Plus.

A Broadway musical wasn't in the plans of the first day but since we were already in that part of the city, we decided to catch a showing of Matilda. I burned through two VHS tapes of the movie when I was in Elementary (always a favorite) so I was a little excited! 

We were sitting next to a 10 year old brat who kept shouting boobies and butting into our conversation and had to switch seats a third of the way in. Even with that annoyance, we had a great time. It was truly funny, not that TV shows made for toddlers funny,  and the  actor (yes, a dude) that plays The Trunchbull is phenomenal! 

Last picture of that night.. Walking away from the center of it all because the Uber rates on a Saturday night in the city are 5X more than normal rates. Yikes! 

We used Uber multiple times a day during our trip and can honestly say the drivers were so friendly and nice. We did have some axxhole who shouldn't be a driver but for the most part, definitely a service I'd use again.

PT 2 & 3 next week! XX

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