November 1, 2014

Day two of our NYC trip was spent exploring everything Brooklyn.

 It was an overcast day, which we loved because we do not have those here in Southern California.

I extensively Yelped and Googled for places to eat. Which led me to the number one spot in Brooklyn: Grimaldi's. My friend posted something on her Facebook which led someone to reply with "You must go to Grimaldi's". So we HAD to!

The reviews did not disappoint! There was a 5-10 minute line but it wasn't that bad. The pizza was delicious! I had a plain veggie one and it was one of the best pizzas I've had. Plus, the manager (?) gave us great service because he kept coming by to check out my iPhone 6 Plus (which I've now exchanged for a 6). Since the phone was released two days prior I got a lot of "can I see your phone" or "Ohh look __". .. and no you can't because I'm a tourist and it's easy to run away because I'm lost as is.

Our view from Brooklyn Bridge Park. We walked around and took in the view.❤︎

A ride into the city.

Made it to The Empire State Building to watch the sunset over the city from the top. Just WOW!

After this we were freezing and starving. We walked for blocks (and blocks!) and finally found food! One would assume we were starved for weeks as a part of a scientific experiment or something. We're not used to walking so much to "earn" our food lol.. I had a veggie bowl and it was the most delicious thing in the world. I'm sure it was my hunger fooling me. lol 
Overall it was an amazing second day!

I've resized a couple of these images to fit the iPhone 6. I've zipped them up for you guys. 

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