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Monday, November 17

Hi guys! Long time no-blog. Life's been a tad busier than I anticipated so I've been short of free time, lately. I know I still have to post my NYC PT 3 post but knowing I have two-hundred (of just that day) pictures to sift through and edit (which takes a looong time!) means I need a huge chunk of time free and like I mentioned, I don't have tons of those right now. I could edit in batches but I lose my momentum like that and I end up not happy with them. But it's coming! Also, this week, there's a wallpaper haul to be shared!

Back to the picture.

I saw this Clear Rosa, from Rifle Paper Co, available for the iPhone 5s a couple of weeks before I upgraded to the iPhone 6. As much as I liked it, I knew it'd be a waste of money to get it. So... I (not-so) patiently waited for them to release their collection for iPhone 6.  
Two weeks ago I saw pre-orders available and saying they'd start shipping mid November. I went for it and last Friday I got a shipping confirmation and today (Monday) I got it in my hands! It was not packed in a box like the others I've ordered from them but it included a note that explained their boxes are not ready and they understand people want their cases ASAP (we do!) and they rather ship them sans than make people wait. And a 15% code for a future purchase. I'll take it. Who cares about the box?

Anyway, it's beautiful and  it compliments the gold of my iPhone (which looks way better than the yellow 5s).  It's clear all around and it's a teeny-tiny bit raised in the front for those of you that set your phone screen down. 


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